Bittersweet Life! Oh What a Trickster You Are!

January 1, 2022

When the unexpected but hoped for thing happened (and quite out of the blue)

And when it became clear that All would be well despite appearances to the contrary—

She decided it was a good time to stop feeling bad and instead light a little light in her heart. And so she chose. Always, it was her choice.

But who alone can carry on without some Hope and reassuring words of Perseverance?

Ignoring the cruel remarks of those who so desperately wanted to keep company…she instead listened to the deep sighs of her own breath exhaling and the gentle sound of her heart beating in time with the rhythm of life.

“Bittersweet Life! Oh what a trickster you are! I can’t help but laugh at your absurd jokes!”

And when she looked around and saw the sorry state she was in, covered in muck, she thought, “How would it be to grow as a Lotus flower?”

No sooner did the thought arise, she felt a tingling sensation in her limbs, urging her not to push against, but to pull up with all her strength and determination.

Up and out.

Her legs reaching past the point of breaking—she would not fall down. Not this time. She would not let pain and discomfort bribe her back into the pit. She would not let their guilty cries distract her from realizing her one true nature.

Joy. Freedom. Love.

She let out a powerful scream, “I AM WORTHY!” And then, with a final exhale, exhausted she softly lay her head down in the cool green grass beside a clear flowing spring, resting her body and soul deeply in God’s peace she discovered she knew…

What is it she discovered? Share your thoughts in the comments!

With love and gratitude,

©️ NZain 💚

Author: NZain


15 thoughts on “Bittersweet Life! Oh What a Trickster You Are!”

  1. First, let me say “Happy New Year!” I look forward to hearing more from you and your beautiful ability to bring your reader front and center to whatever story you are writing about. You are truly talented and more of the world needs to read your words. I was fully engulfed within your words, I felt the urges to stand strong and felt the soil beneath me and the my very own breath wanting to control its exhaling and inhaling, it was exhilarating. Life is bittersweet, the good and the bad, the highs and lows and the “muck” often in the middle but God is ever present through it all. She discovered that God, the creator of all things including herself are precious. She is priceless is a world that is unable to recognize that beauty is not being pretty on the outside, no it is much deeper. Only those who choose to search for true beauty will ever find it. She knew loving herself is the foundation for moving forward in this conditional world, she was created for much more and she is heaven bound. 🤗💚🤗🌻🌟😘🌸🌺💫🌎✨

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    1. Happy New Year to you too, Charlotte! And thank you. Yes, you the reader are front and center. Always. And I am delighted to read about your experience in the story—the urge to stand strong…and of course—what you, dear beautiful reader, discovered. Thank you for sharing here and for inspiring me too!

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  2. She discovered the more muddy the water, (the trials) the more beautiful the lotus flower becomes when she emerges. She becomes stronger and believes with everything within that she is truly “worthy” and loved.

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  3. So interesting blog written you. Amazing words written in story. I inspired.. Life is Bittersweet, the good and the bad, the highs and lows ,and the muck often in the middle but God is present ever. I like your post. Iam so happy!🙏🌷

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      1. Where to go?

        Platitude: “It’s ok. It will all work out! Have faith. It will all be ok.”
        Platitude defined: A flat, dull, or trite remark, especially one uttered as if it were fresh or profound.

        Platitude in a sentence (Literally taken as quote from apple “Look up” dictionary): “He masks his disdain with platitudes about how she should believe in herself more.”

        What is the opposite of Disdain? Probably…Sympathy (Understanding between people…actual shared suffering vs. empathy: Imagining the suffering of another).

        Long story short: I’m in the same boat! What (F’in) do I do now? Where do I go?

        My own advice to myself (LITERALLY…heart and mind are unified in this…but split as to the means for the end)…

        “It’s ok. It will all work out! Have faith. It will all be ok.”

        I figure look to the past to know the Present in preparation for what may come…(or not, who knows?). Life demonstrates the platitudes are a sorta…(small “t”) truth as demonstrated by: I’m still here; have survived allllll this time because it’s not my time yet (again…as demonstrated). And…life fills in the rest. Always there was mind and heart…or other caring voices in the world that kept saying “It’s ok. It will all work out! Have faith. It will all be ok.”

        “Now, where do I go from here?”

        “Do the next right thing.” Anna: Disney’s “Frozen II”

        What’s that? Sounds like a bunch of moralizing!

        It is. Morality is personal right and wrong based on what life taught ME!

        Where’s the moral compass? Look to the heart where God wrote our own personal truth (Life is a good author). We can always go to where we’ve been already. There’s’ always good there; is familiar and there’s fluency which is very comforting and where we KNOW we’ll do what we already know what to expect and where we have our habitual responses…no thinking required. Any pain involved – well…habitual responses…don’t have to critically think through it; just perseverate and generated more darkness to walk through while seeking I light there which we also know fluently. Literally a no brainer. Nothing wrong with that. Not judging.

        Is this our own true North Though? Maybe someone else pointed us towards THEIR true North; told us The Wizard was there and he could get us home? This happens a lot; and we get stuck all passed out in the poppy field just outside the Emerald City, thus, setting us up for the Charlatan that is someone else’s wizard…not mine. Surreal? Yes…in 3D no doubt…and technicolor.

        Where to go if We went towards our own True North; not someone else’s which, by our own compass would be: South and a little West or East towards some degree of latitude and longitude NOT aimed towards where we truly long to be which probably doesn’t involved poppies, emeralds cities that house charlatans.

        In the mean time: “It’s ok. It will all work out! Have faith. It will all be ok.”

        All my love, hope…and cheer to you M’Dear! You’ll get your bearings I’m sure of it. Platitude, or sympathy?

        To be clear, my love, hope and cheer to ALL of us.


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      2. Heart/Mind coherence…
        …and a willingness to sit with our childhood wounds, honoring and giving them the love they so needed then…when we were children…so we could grow up. But would we then have learned to be sympathetic to one another or would we just say to someone suffering, “Oh grow up! It will be ok.”

        I want what comes to be of my own making guided by Divine Will. What I am making today will be what comes tomorrow. There is no going back. Not this time. Not for me. And it will be ok. How do I know? Faith. And of course, how can we KNOW what tomorrow brings? We will find out soon enough.

        I sure do appreciate you, Grumpy and all that you share here. I read and reread your words again and again. They bring hope and cheer…and love…to us ALL.

        With love and gratitude,
        Nina 😊


  4. Life: It can be beautiful…is beautiful. And as far as the adage (applied from a distance time may provide) “Hindsight is 20/20 (perfect).” In the right frame of mind and heart synchronized within our own integrity (which may really only happen when mind and heart finally meet as equals…as they slip and slide past one another seeking fairness AND balance), beauty seen of hardship experienced in bitterness, fear…terror or even attrition and disparity may finally resolve; be seen for what it is.


    In my best frame if mind and heart, Life is love, and love is life…all of it!

    Nina, you got this pegged!

    Take it away!

    This work of yours is so very inspiring!



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