38 thoughts on “Smile Therapy…”

      1. Oh my, I hope not. Right now I’m just saying it’s part of the ‘long Covid’ which still affects me a lot at times. I’m so careful, always wear a mask, try to stay away from people, which has been hard since they opened things for tourism this summer. Wow, was there a lot of people around this year! I rarely go out though. But Delta is the one around now and even though I’m vaccinated, it’s not full protection from Delta, but at least it helps. Breathing has been a bit tough yesterday and today and even doing something simple just wears me out.πŸ˜•

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      2. The smoke has been gone for a couple weeks now, we have had a lot of rain which has reduced the fires considerably, still 80 of them, but really no open flames on most and only pockets of smoke in the hot spots which they are working on now. Unfortunately a lot of these fires have been burning deep and may continue that way into the winter.

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