…there, on the journey home…

Continued from Being Erotic.

August 3, 2021

…there, on the journey home, alone by the roadside did I meet, dust mixing with tears in his stone blind eyes—a fellow traveler.

With my own dusty and tear stained hands did I reach out offering companionship and hope.

But he, looking up with vision blurred, turned away and quietly spoke to no one in particular,

“Let me stay here and rest awhile longer with my sorrow and despair. One day, may our paths cross again.”

And there, just behind the man did I see, an angel with jadeite eyes and outstretched wings–bidding me leave.

Smiling respectfully; I understood.

The message was clear.

There is only one Savior.


Author: NZain


21 thoughts on “…there, on the journey home…”

      1. Oops, don’t know how I missed this, terribly sorry Nina.
        Although it’s nice, and good to try and help others, we need to remember there is only one who can save and truly give the help a person needs. We need to make sure our life is controlled by God so he can use us in helping someone else, but still, there is only one Saviour.
        I feel bad for not answering sooner, don’t know what happened. Have a wonderful week Nina! Those PI cats are going to have their paws full this week!😀🖐😻😻

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      2. Oh gosh, Steve! Never a worry—don’t feel bad. I just like your take on things and knowing that what I write makes sense to others. And yes—you got it! As much as we would like to help people—we have to let go and give them space for their own healing journey. And if we trust they are in God’s hands…we will meet again.
        You have a wonderful week too with all your adventures! Meeeooowww!! 😊🖐😻😻

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      3. Thanks so much Nina! Not many adventures these days and I guess it’s going to stay that way for some time. But more adventures in our story today! Any more pics of Mr. Cat?🤔😁
        Have a beautiful week Nina!😀🖐😻


      1. Thank you for asking, I was able to see myself in the story. I have been very alone as of late, not exactly lonely. I spent most of last week isolated at home, I enjoyed lots of comfort foods and immersed myself in watching several movies I wanted to watch by just had not taken the time to do. I even took myself to a movie theater to see the new Marvel movie, “Black Widow.” I do not want to use the pandemic to blame my feelings upon, though I do recognize it’s effects. No this alone feeling is more complicated and unless you are single and not dating it’s difficult to share the amount of emptiness being alone can consume. I vacillate between wanting someone in my life and being with myself. I like my life, my joy and my home…it is the external forces that cause me concern because I do not want to be hurt or hurt anyone else. I see myself as the traveler in your story, moving forward but not yet ready for a daily companion. And, as you so beautifully pointed out, there is but only one true Savior. I must be willing to empty myself of all preconceived notations and falsehoods that have been instilled within over the years and seek TRUTH. That would be my truth which can only be achieved through the relinquishing of my self-pride and learn from God whatever is true…Finally, beloved, whatever is true, “whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”
        Philippians 4:8 (NRSVA)
        Nina, I hope I did not over-share, your invitation opened a door. Much love to you. 🌻🙏🏻💚

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      2. Charlotte thank you for sharing! What you’ve so eloquently written— I think is something we can all relate to. “the amount of emptiness being alone can consume.” Yes. Even in a room full of people—or in a relationship—that alone feeling is consuming. And then the question, do I want someone in my life to ‘fill’ the emptiness for me? Hmm…that just won’t satisfy. I have to go to the source within. The eternal well-spring.

        But, there is risk of getting hurt or hurting another. That’s just part of learning to relate to another—but how do we come back from the hurt? How do we course correct? No one gets it perfect—we have to allow each other the room to fumble for mistakes—if we also want growth to happen. How else do we learn compassion and forgiveness, patience and love? How to say “I’m sorry.” It’s complicated and scary…but so worth the effort for deeper trust and intimacy to develop. I am learning this now myself.

        The notion of moving forward but not being ready for daily companionship—yes…maybe there are things that still need to be worked out—and that is between the individual and God. We can’t rescue anyone and no one can save us either!
        The idea being that the first and most important relationship be with our God first —and then with ourselves—this takes time and can’t be rushed. And then can we begin to cultivate healthy relationships with others…to share in the journey home…how beautiful to share a home with someone you love and trust and understand— and who loves and trusts and understands you! This is what God wants…and what the devil would destroy.

        Oh Charlotte you’re giving me so much to think about and lots of questions to ask regarding relating to others—and not just romantically either.

        I’m glad this opened a door. Please know the invitation is always there and I always appreciate your thoughts and insights—your words inspire me! Much love to you too! 🦋💚🌸

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