Loving You Goodbye…

April 1, 2021

Loving You Goodbye

Loving you with no expectations of

Rewards in the future or

Love returned; just love for the sake of love

Because loving you this way feels right—

I am changed. Forever.

And this feels good…

No longer compelled by fear of losing you; the gift of love is simply that. A gift.

And I give freely to you, my love, for the many years we traveled together through hardships and misunderstandings, joyous discoveries and precious moments sipping coffee together in the early morning hours. Precious time. Not lost. Not forsaken.

You and I

Two beasts

Searching for beauty

Searching for true love

To save us from ourselves; we wanted

To be loved…and

Only now, are we truly learning how to love.

I am not ashamed to say,

“I am not finished loving you, my friend.”

This love I have for you goes deeper than the darkest hell we survived when we made each other look deep within our own selves to find our true selves amongst the debris of broken vows and angry words so carelessly tossed about like rotten old garbage. We were there all along…just waiting to be rediscovered in the hush of morning twilight when the sun, just about to rise, gives new hope to all the world. We were there.

This journey we chose from the beginning to walk together is coming to an end. Soon, we will choose to say goodbye. But until that final day, I make you this new vow, my husband: to cherish us completely and nourish all that is within our souls.

With love,


Author: NZain


17 thoughts on “Loving You Goodbye…”

      1. I had written this post a couple of years back Nina. Shall try and send the link.

        Basically it is that: We can love. But we can’t asked to be loved. If we want love back it is like driving from both sides in a one way street and there is going to be an accident, a heart burn.

        When we love unconditionally we get it back as universe is run by cause and effect. But we may or may not get it back from the same person. Whatever we want we need to give : Love, respect, appreciation, money .. whatever. What we give comes back. When and How God only knows 😊

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      2. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece, Ashok. Yes, I think I am finally beginning to understand better what it means to love without expectations. To give love because I have it to give freely…and not judge if my love is worthy..if it isn’t returned. Who can make anyone love another?

        But love is confounding and often mistaken. And sometimes, love can seem so real—when it’s actually “given” for selfish reasons—to make one feel special in order to hook them…this isn’t true love. This is only the ego looking out for itself.

        I am learning…every day. Thank you, Ashok for the blessing of your kind words! They are given to you for a reason. 🙏🏻😊

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      3. I am so glad Nina that you could relate to these words and thoughts.

        Oh yes, love is the most misunderstood and misused word!

        For me God is Love. Love is God. And love is all there is.

        Love is not a just mushy mushy word or emotion. It can be expressed only by service, by doing things for people we love; by being kind to them. The more we give more we get.

        May God fill your life with love, laughter and joy 💖🤗


      4. Yes! It is not just the dreaming of love and image we have of what it would be like to be loved…it is the nuts and bolts of everyday living; doing the things that need to be done in order to make this short life experience more tolerable. Caring for one another in times of distress. Cherishing one another knowing that one day we must say goodbye. I don’t know what is beyond this life, but for now…I am not finished loving.

        Wonderful to exchange these words with you, Ashok. May it continue! 😊💓

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  1. I love the content and statements in this post: its best to love without expecting anything in return… the odd part of love is that human beings can change at any time, and if a person loves and expects anything back, they might end up becoming disappointed

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    1. So true! And yet…it is so difficult to not want love in return, right? Of course we want to love and be loved…meaning an intimate partner. Of course we want the love reciprocated. And yes, this is where the disappointment happen. But we learn and we grow. It’s easy to love the world even if the world doesn’t love you back. Right?


  2. Thanks Nina for sharing. My own life is filled with love’s missteps, but God has opened my eyes to walk faithfully with my bride to the end of time. Life is imperfect, but love patiently works on us.


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