Because of You, am I Set Free…

March 29, 2021

Because of you, am I set free…

How many lifetimes together we

Walked this dark path

Revealing to no other but

Our selves

Our darkest selves—

God only knows.

And when trapped in the prison of ignorance unable

To love, as lovers do for fear—now

In the light of this truth—I love you freely, my friend…

As I never could love you before. I cherish you completely

For now do I understand the meaning of true love in the

Wholeness of suffering and joy.

In order to finally find you;

I first had to lose you.

I am honored to know you

All your best; all your worst.

For who can really love one so intimately or so intensely

Without also loving the harsh reality that is this shared human condition?

And this harsh reality we survived for the benefit of all—

I am not ashamed to show the world healing is possible.

Love so confounding we think we know it when we feel it

And then it transforms into something we no longer recognize but instead fear.

It’s easy to fall in love and terrifying to fall out; expecting love to behave in a way that makes sense. But love is irrational and every poet knows this…

In humble gratitude,


Author: NZain


9 thoughts on “Because of You, am I Set Free…”

    1. Thank you, Warren. Sharing my own pain. It’s been an especially tough couple of weeks for for me…but I keep writing. Thank you for visiting.


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