This Is How Divorcing You Feels: On High Street. Chapter 5

Continued from Pursuing Love’s Addiction: On High Street. Chapter 4

March 13, 2021

Now I see the truth;

Nothing has changed.

I can pour all the love I once had for you back into my own-self where my love belongs. This is how divorcing you feels—really good. No longer will you use me to serve your needs—for this is our last life time together…and now my soul, finally free from every lie you ever told… just to hide the pain of losing me. You turned on me. From the sweetest boy I’d ever known, to a man quite capable of cruelty. You lied to me…tried to hide the truth like I was just some dumb girl…and not your woman. Well, I am your woman no more. I am my own self. Not an extension of you. Not another half of you. Not beholden to you…for your anger does not rule my thoughts or opinions. I see things you won’t. I see the sun shining on a world that is ‘perfectly rotten’; every conflict an opportunity. I see God in everything…even death. But you push away that which you fear while your heart collapses for a lack of joy! Instead of laughter to cleanse the heart, a scornful look burns inside the very thing…I came to you; first with the brush of my hand, then an opening of my arms to draw you in close…you pushed me away…one last time. Who can say–victim or abuser? “everything was fine until you— —!” Fill in the blanks and the hole in my heart while I pour all the love I once had for you back into the container of my soul and make it beautiful again. Make it strong again. Make it me again…alone again to face what’s around the next bend and twisted moral high way. And you can’t drag me down.

To be continued…


The heaviness in the lightness; the darkness in the bright...

Author: NZain


22 thoughts on “This Is How Divorcing You Feels: On High Street. Chapter 5”

  1. This touched my soul, Nina. It’s hard to give that kind of love only to be shoved aside. But the love will return where it belongs, to make the soul well again. 💜💕🌺🐞🐛🦋🪴👒

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  2. hmmm…touching, and well expressed👍…so strong, they bring some personal experiences and memories to life; some things that were once thought about but never said; in many instances, they deserve to be said to the other half… nicely written… keep it up!!!

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    1. Aww I’m so glad you are able to comment here, Ihagh! Thank you always for your thoughtful insights and encouragement. Chapter 6 now posted—is a little bit…softer. 😊

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      1. you’re welcome…I guess I’m late, but not too late for chapter 6—and maybe more chapters…I’ve been busy and away for sometime, but could just come back to WordPress recently


  3. Well done Nina. This is bold, strong, reaching deep and touching the heart. The heart makes the love alive again. Love can’t live in a cold, cruel relationship. Love will once again burn fresh and new and always, like the sun that always shines.🌹🌱🌼💗😀🖐😻

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    1. Some personal experiences, some universal, some metaphorical. Always for the intention of healing the man and woman. Chapter 7 coming soon. Thank you for reading along, Luke. 😊

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      1. It’s a sad story, but when something ends, something new always begins and hopefully something new and positive will come.


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