Pursuing Love’s Addiction: On High Street. Chapter 4

March 12, 2021

Continued from Love, Life, Death…and Little White Lies. Chapter 3

Pursuing Love’s Addiction: On High Street.

When do you say—

“—it is enough!”

The young parents

Rejoice in

The birth of their child so

He may grow up and

(If he is lucky) lament

Their death.

(“I would rather be lucky than good.”)


Each may know sorrow

Each may know joy…


Each may choose of

His own

Free will to rejoice.

Mankind once united

Became divided and




…once more. (for just a moment but—what a moment it is)

Mankind being

All One



And the two drew a reflection around the sun holding out their hands, drawing in (to their hearts) warmth; drawing in life.

A new circuit created;

Love united.

Wild passion






Man being now kind

Reached out his hand unto the moon

(The cooling light of the moon)

And wrapped himself in

Her cooling light.

While anger finds its way in-

To the heart…

…and lungs.

Shhhhhhh….” whispers the child to a beloved doll, “don’t tell them we’re here. Shhhhhhhhh…” she speaks softly, “they will never find us in here.”

Well, Anger can find its way out and worry can go too!



“Who said that?”

‘’I said that. Anger can find its own way out and worry can go to!”


“Who are YOU to tell ME what to do?”

It was at this point that the child unable to withstand the laughter bubbling up from inside burst out, “Hahahah!”

And Anger settled down with Worry by his side. They both took a deep breath down into their souls and released their hold on the heart of mankind. All they could say was, “Choi.”

Looking everywhere (except

Thee) for just the


Right word to express (me) this feeling of

Complete inadequacy—failing to see

A reflection of


Self. Tell me,

What do you see in the eyes of another—

(All the pain you’ve caused pursuing love’s addiction?)

What were you expecting?





Breaks your heart wide open and if your aren’t careful to fill in the gaps with…

…mercy. compassion. love. You fail to comprehend why the parents rejoice at all.

“Forgive me Father for I have sinned against my Mother.”

No tribunal can save us now. It’s up to us; alone we may be but never without faith…

…and mercy.

Shhhhhhhh….” the small child reminds her own small anger, “you’ll wake up worry. Shhhhhh…it’s ok little doll don’t get so upset! You’ll cause worry to fear for her life and courage will disappear.”

For what is courage but joy!

And laughter…laughter in the face of those who would attempt to destroy her.

“Whoooo?” The owl cries out over his shoulder looking back.

“Who is it?”

Who is it you look for in the dark of night

Starring up into the endless sky and the ceiling starring back at you

All the endless faces (you won’t admit to)

You see? Will I

See them too?

Lying next to you

In the dark of the endless night…

…will I see them too?


(Is this just my imagination?)

This isn’t real.

You think you will cry if





The pain of losing me is too great to overcome—

Shhhhh….don’t cry little doll! Who is it who is losing whom?”

What joy to wipe away each (and other’s) tear.

In laughter and

In sorrow

(How many lifetimes

God only knows:)

Will I be by your side.

Loving you is the only thing

That makes sense to me—

Call me ‘crazy’ but I think

I’m falling in love…

…with you and the

Whole wide world watching

From above…and the angels are smiling

Smiling down on you…as

…you’re falling

Falling on your pillow and I think

I’m falling


To sleep while the angels are smiling…

…smiling down on you and

The whole wide world is sleeping…

…sleeping now…I’m thinking


I’m falling

In love.

It is enough.

To be continued…


Thank you for spending a few precious moments here with me today. Wishing everyone joy.

Author: NZain


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