The First Day of the Rest of My Life. Chapter 2

February 28, 2021

Continued from A New Story Begins Again

As Jessica turned to leave the doctor’s office, her hand on the front door, the words of Doctor Thomas still ringing in her ears, “making love is a conscious choice” she paused for a moment and said quietly to herself, “Well Jess this is it, the first day of the rest of your life. How are you going to live it?”

(Go through the gate

There is no other way…)

Outside the office of Dr. Thomas, Jessica inhaling deeply the fresh Spring air; lilacs in full bloom, (their unmistakable perfume always having the same affect of gently transporting her back in time) “Everything seems…vaguely familiar, but—different.” Pulling her sweater in close around her shoulders and looking both ways before proceeding, she turns right onto High Street (deciding to walk today) where it’s been less than a year since the rioting finally ended. Less than a year.

Recently, several of the local business owners got together and hired a private security company to ease both tensions and worries of merchants and customers. Mr. Jack Armstrong, retired Navy Captain with strong Southern tendencies, provided to do just this.

On most days, Mr. Armstrong could be seen outside the old bookstore “Owl’s Books” where he kept a close eye on neighborhood politics.

Today, he was standing in front of Owl’s conversing with Ms. Stone, the local school librarian…

“Ms. Stone, if a girl is ‘too young’ to raise a baby, in other words—too immature; then she is by logic, reason and nature too young and immature for sexual relationships! If the young lady truly wants to exercise her ‘right to choose’, then she can start by exercising her God given right to say ‘NO! Not today.’ And if she still feels pressured or threatened by the boy—then perhaps it is here wherein the problem lies! But a girl who has not yet learned how to contain her virtue, in other words—is still naive; is only asking for more trouble down the road! And that, Ms. Stone, is certainly no way to grow up.”

Jessica, now approaching the pair, just happened to catch the tail end of this (ahem) lively conversation between Ms. Stone who was holding up a sign that read, “Women’s bodies. Women’s choice.” and Mr. Armstrong.

“Hmph!” was all Ms. Stone could say as she turned up her stony nose. But deep inside, Ms. Stone knew the man spoke truth.

And now within earshot, Jessica smiling with one eyebrow curiously raised; Mr. Armstrong turned his attention away from politics for a moment and called out, “Good day to you, Miss Jesse! A fine day to be alive (opening his arms wide and puffing out his chest with a deep inhale) and breathe in all of the good Lord’s creation! Ms. Stone and I were just having a friendly little discussion about all God’s creatures great and small.”

“Hmph.” with that, Ms. Stone gave Jessica a stern look, then hastily walked away dragging her sign behind.

“Heh heh! Oooh that Ms. Stone is a busy body if you ask me! Miss Jesse, you know how they want to open an abortion clinic right here on High Street, in our little town. Make abortions ‘more accessible’ they say.”

Jessica nodded. “Yes, and it’s causing quite a stir in the community, Mr. A.”

It sure is! You know just last night I spoke to my own granddaughter…” Mr. A stopped himself and with a broad smile continued, “I’m terribly sorry, Miss Jesse to go on like that, but you know how passionate I get about what they’re telling our young girls today. They aught to be telling the young kids—boys and girls alike—“

“—that making love is a conscious choice?” Jessica interjected with a cherubic grin.

“Yes, good Lord and both girls and boys have the “right” to mind their own bodies!”

To be continued on High Street. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts here.


Author: NZain


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    1. Charlotte, I so appreciate your feedback, thank you! Yes, it’s my intention and hope the reader ‘feels’ the story and can relate to the words. And now, I too wait patiently for the next chapter…more crochet.😊🙏🏻💓

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