16 thoughts on “Working on Chapter 2”

  1. Love the shrug!
    Nice vs kind? 🤔
    I found something that I think explains it well.

    Being nice is being polite and treating people well. Being kind is caring and showing you care. You can be kind to someone even though you aren’t nice to them, and you can be nice to someone but also be unkind.

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      1. This made me smile and then I thought, “here comes the thought police after me!” Muwahahaha. “Back in the box!”

        When Pandora’s box was opened (so the story goes) and all the ills and suffering of the world flew out—the last to come out was ‘hope’ described as a weakling which always fascinated me. What a great allegory!

        That you feel challenged to think by these posts is truly the most wonderful comment, Renee one blogger to another. Thank you. Our Creator gave us these awesome tools…😊💓🤗

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  2. Beautiful shrug. 💕
    You ask great questions 😉
    I think there is often a difference but there doesn’t have to be. Nice seems less invested from the heart center. Nice is beautiful sweet well meaning things… kindness.. hugs the hurt places and asks for nothing in return.
    Happy 💝

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    1. Suzanne, you have a way of expressing and explaining ideas that make me just sit back and smile…then I think, “I want to listen to more of you!”
      Thank you always for your kindness. 😊💓🦕


    1. Charlotte this is so true and well said. On the one hand, being nice (polite) out in public is fine—and something we could all perhaps learn to do—be civil and gracious with one another…even our enemies. But kindness is something deeper and as you say ‘authentic’. People can be ‘nice’ because they want something in return.
      I agree—would rather be kind than just nice. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! 😊💓🙏🏻 chapter 2 coming soon…

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  3. That’s absolutely beautiful!
    What a great question 🙂 I couldn’t have answered it better than all the above! My favorite is how ellie894 explained it: Nice is beautiful sweet well meaning things… kindness.. hugs the hurt places and asks for nothing in return.

    Happy Valentine’s Day Nina! Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend

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    1. Hi Angie! This is so much fun reading the comments. I love love love when other bloggers share their thoughts and insights. ellie894 has a wonderfully kind way of expressing what she sees…and I do always feel hugged and peaceful reading her poetry.
      Happy late Valentine’s Day to you and yours! Warm hearts melt the ice.💓

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  4. 😂 No, please keep thinking outside the box! I think you are doing a great job! It’s been a long time since I’ve read the story of Pandora’s box! I think “hope” is anything but weak. It holds strong when everything slips away. I guess that’s if the person is holding on to it for dear life! Oh so thankful for those tools and gifts you have Nina!

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    1. Renee…sigh…😊😍🤗…oh sweet tea and thee…splashing together in puddles. 💓
      Life is dear and hope is a strong anchor. A solid rock. “We have this hope…” sing it with me, sister! Hope. Faith. Trust. Surrender. Hold onto the glory of God…😄


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