When I Struggle…

February 2, 2021

When I struggle with just–

The right words to say;

I drop my pen

Pick up my hook…and

I crochet.

Each stitch allowing my mind

To wander in wonder and ponder…

The imagination; Divine sensation. Artistic Expression Needs. No. Compensation.

And sooner or later…

…the words find their own way.

–Nina Zain 😊

Copyright ©2021

Author: NZain


54 thoughts on “When I Struggle…”

      1. Haha! Let you in on a little secret—when I started crocheting…I was not good at it. Made a bunch of horrific “Christmas gifts.” Embarrassing if I look back on it now. But I kept at it—not cause I was any good—but because I love what crocheting gives me. So maybe, just maybe I can give back a little. 😁😻

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      2. Nice that you kept at it Nina. Yes, crocheting can be good for many things, not just the end product. It’s that way with many hobbies I guess, some of mine too. Gives me a chance to think, or not think, depending on which I want for the moment!😃🖐😻

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      3. Yes! Exactly, Steve! Whatever the hobby—gives us a chance to think, or not think. I’m still thinking about what I’m thinking about..sigh…😊🖐😻

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      4. Well, I try, though it doesn’t always come out right!
        Take it slow and never rush,
        Get into a place that’s hush.
        Careful, still, think and pray,
        The answer comes on it’s day.
        I hope you have a sunny Sunday Nina! It’s -53F here this morning.😳😀🖐😸

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      5. Glad you liked it. Yep, terribly, the same today, and going to stay with us all week. Next week it’s just going to be cold. Tomorrow I have to go out in this cold to shop and pick up some medicine, not really looking forward to it. The joys of winter.🥶😳🖐😸

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      1. Better than crying any day of the week
        For sure! I’m so glad you were able to push past the failed attempts. Just think if you had given up? Nope. 👎🏼 We won’t think of that! 😄 🤡🥸

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      2. When I was cleaning up and moving out—I found a box (or three) of old bits and unfinished pieces that are awful! Lots of laughs! What was I doing? Sigh…learning. 😉

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