Of Brokenness and Letting Go.

December 29, 2020

Of brokenness and letting go.

My “beginner’s mind” is a wounded monkey shot down out of a mango tree; who, once fallen, looks around and screams, “Where am I? How did I get here?” and “Who shot this arrow into my heart?” then, looking up into the tree seeing hundreds of other screaming monkeys, “Perhaps I will just sit quietly for a moment and the answers will come to me.”

And into the monkey’s lap falls a ripe juicy mango…

The girl fell for the boy’s lies. I would think she learned her lesson—but no. And so she fell for another’s…and another’s. Then, she met you and said to herself (quite triumphantly), “Never again will I believe anyone!”

I wonder if she learned.

Right now, in the early morning hours of this still dark moment, I am tossing out dusty old habits and moth-eaten memories that have only served to fill up the space between us—I am cleaning house.

Someone is waiting just outside the front door about to knock…

How will you greet the new day of the new year? There is still time to let what holds onto you go with your blessings: there need be no fear of what happens next.

“Where am I? How did I get here?” and “Who shot this arrow into my heart?”

These answers come as easily as falling mangos into your lap.

NZain 💓

2020 began for me with this post

After a roller coaster ride of a year, I am grateful to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new! I wish you all a very happy healthy new year!

Author: NZain


10 thoughts on “Of Brokenness and Letting Go.”

  1. This is so very beautiful, Nina.. I am going to keep it close as I move into the new year. There is much wisdom in it as there is much love in You. Happy New Year, May it be truly blessed from within 💖🤗💝🌷💗

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    1. There is no other healthy choice—we have to learn. Slowly, little by little, without forcing. Letting it happen naturally. Happy New Year! 😊


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