My Husband:The Woodsman.

December 10, 2020

A dead tree in the woods must be cut down.

This is a short video of my husband felling the tree. Be sure to turn up the volume to hear if it makes a sound!

Whatever you do today,

May it be in joy and safety.

With love and gratitude for you, my husband. ❤️


Author: NZain


6 thoughts on “My Husband:The Woodsman.”

    1. Yes, unfortunately. It was a beautiful proud tree—a Jeffrey’s pine. Not too many left. But too many stressful events. Drought, beetles…
      Now the tree will become firewood and warm our home next winter.
      My husband (he’s Greek you know) he cuts ‘em down good, eh? Not bad for a city guy. 😁

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      1. Oh, not bad at all for a city guy !… lol …

        Say hello to your wonderful husband, NZain. No, i didn’t know. All i see is a handsome guy, here and there, in your posts! xaxa…

        Enjoy the day, dear, both of you !

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