Love Dissolving Into Love…

December 6, 2020

Continued from War in Heaven

Love dissolving

Into love…

She poisoned you.

You poisoned me.

I let the poison fester

Together; we sucked and spit every last drop out–

Until there was nothing left but

Love dissolving into love…

I don’t disagree: my mother ruined me for any future possibility of entering into a healthy wholesome marriage with the hopes of building a happy loving family. I was no gift. My only hope was second best. Seek one perfectly flawed broken human like me. Like you. And then keep praying…

…and battling. The protective armor we layered upon layer covering our gentleness in what looked like self-confidence eventually showed its true weakness and failed. And I for one feel lighter, stronger, and more resilient than ever before. The battle is over. Neither side won.

There is nothing; only

Love dissolving into love…

Love dissolving…


To be continued.

–NZain πŸ’“

Thank you for reading.

Author: NZain


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