Andúil’s Sorrow

December 4, 2020

The final chapter of The Retelling of an Old Tale.

A tender-heart

She does seek.

Words of cunning

Does she speak–

To poison the mind

Against the soul—enmity

Is her goal.

And so, the tale of

Andúil’s Sorrow

Ever must be told;

Take care tender-heart, lest ye forget, and

Upon you should

Her addiction take hold…

In all my ways

She did I desire,

So within my mind was kindled a fire–

That burned my very senses

In an all

Consuming blaze–

So that my defenses were destroyed

For the length of my days…

Oh Andúil’s sorrow!

Her addiction will never appease

Empty promises of pleasure

Only ever a tease

To keep the tender-hearted

Ever craving her dis-ease!

And so

One by one,

They return to Andúil

Begging on their scabby knees;

The tender-hearted, hooked and hollow eyed demand, “You must help us…” (and with a pitiful cry) “…please.”

And to the one who lost, yet overcame

No longer to be be sold,

Real compassion turns




A new tale

Now be told:

Of the battle betwixt mind and soul–

And of the Lion-hearted;

Deep within the fragile self,

Compassion’s seat–

A true stronghold—never again to be parted.

The end.


Thank you for journeying with me on this tale of hope and the human condition.

May these words inspire beauty, compassion and hope.

The Retelling of an Old Tale.

All Was Emptiness, Except For My Own Self.

The Price of Delusion

At The Water’s Edge.

Implications of Our Actions.

Dreams Within Dreams

I’m Stuck and Need Help! Please.🙏🏻

Andúil’s Sorrow

Author: NZain


12 thoughts on “Andúil’s Sorrow”

    1. Oh Charlotte your response really makes me smile. Thank you for your enthusiasm and supportive encouragement.

      Without YOU the reader I would have no one to share with. YOU inspire the writing and the sharing! And YOU bring the imagery to life on your mind’s stage. I think that’s super cool.

      Always I am grateful and humbled by your feedback. Glad to be journeying together. 🙏🏻😊💓

      Liked by 1 person

  1. A stunned silence…

    Then one’s clap breaks the silence and the spell is broken…AND ALL APPLAUD…and cheer and give greatly heart warmed congratulations to the victor for the victory that is SHARED…and honored and loved and cherished and valued for how hard the trial IS and that may be finally won a thousand times over a day or thousands of days and day by day until it is, after all, a life time of victory over…

    Dis-ease and how many many many a dis-couraged soul find their way to (be-en) courage[ed]…

    or dis-cover what a hard life, under meanness, can cover up…would cover (every beauty of every soul) if not for the trials that victory sets for the victor.

    Bravo! BRAVO!

    I want to be clapping…and I am, but I was not the first. There are those braver than I. They wake us up…and we get carried along with the joy of the occasion…a beautiful occasion to celebrate the Lion Hearted!

    Bravo! BRAVO!

    Roar! ROAR! Compassion would speak from the HEART (the very seat of it).


    Liked by 1 person

    1. M’dear shy Lion…
      This scene you’ve created for me as the curtain closes…the relationship between seer and seen…exactly where you are in that joyful moment…I bow because I am humbled by your generosity of kindness.

      With love and gratitude, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to play out this tale for you. And thank you for helping me to understand and see—the beauty of theatre. May we be blessed together.

      PS. Already the wheels are spinning and whirling for the next story in which you, yes you M’dear have given me the impetus and the inspiration…so I do hope you continue—to continue being exactly as you are. 😊



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