Happy Memories Of You Do I Keep

November 9, 2020

Continued from A Rustic Split Rail Fence

Let go the past…

And anyway,

What does it matter she didn’t like your picture?

Those were happy memories to you.

Keep them.


The smile of innocence may fade—as does the rose—however,

The lingering memories are still just as sweet

To the heart…and

The heart remembers (with great joy!) the happy smile of the child and

Delights in retelling the old story!

Today begins a new chapter.

What new story will you tell your heart today?

What new happy memories will you make for your heart to one day remind you of

This day–

Standing at the kitchen sink

Sun shining on the window sill

Cleaning carrots for dinner–


With love from the cottage in the woods,

NZain 💓

Thank you for reading and sharing this moment together.

Author: NZain


11 thoughts on “Happy Memories Of You Do I Keep”

  1. The picture; perfectly angelic (yeah…really…it is!).

    The memories behind the picture…stored in the historic mind ALL connected (tangled?) with feelings.

    How did you untangle the feelings and find only the best ones? How did you show us the Angel there; beatific…the frame and glass whole and un-fractured?


    I see.

    That really IS you. Pictures dont lie.

    You keep your word.

    I believe you.


    Thanks so much for this! Its perfect timing…more than I dare say.

    Thank you!

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    1. You are very welcome. I’m touched by your kind words. Thank you for giving them so freely.

      “…All connected (tangled?) with feelings.” Well this sums it up! Tangled. It does feel that way. Yes. We have to untangle some of those feelings to find the best ones. How? This is the process and the practice isn’t it. A daily as long as there is breath in the body sort of process.

      You give me much to think about…
      PS. I dare you say more.


  2. A favorite auntie died two days ago. In some respects, she mothered me in ways my own mother was quite incapable of.

    I was looking at her picture (my auntie)…from 45 years ago. I remember the where and when very clearly.

    Behind the picture of her laughing out loud and full of real honest mirth, was a long and complicated history share with a whole family of which I was and am part. My part is full Of…many many feelings.

    I am not in this picture with my auntie, but my reason for seeing her
    Mirth And joy is very real…because it was real.

    Then I happened to see your post.

    I dared say more. I hope it was not TMI OR Presumptuous.

    Thanks again for this mighty fine and well needed post.

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    1. No never TMI! This is why I am here. This is why I write. To inspire YOUR story.

      And your story is beautiful and so deeply touching…it needs to shared. Thank you for sharing. I feel for your loss. And now what more dare I say? Warmest hugs to you dear soul and in the silence may you be filled with love overflowing.🤗💓🤗💓


  3. beautiful home… I guess when we look back we can choose how we shall remember the past focusing on the beauty of rose petals or thorns so to speak. In my opinion it is best when you can stare into a midnight sky and while acknowledge the darkness still see stars and be filled with wonder… look forward to seeing where your journey takes you next 🙂

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    1. How can I now not look up into the night sky think of you and smile? I always look for the Pleiades. Thank you for sharing this time together, dear Mia. You are very much a part of the journey. 💓


  4. In reading today “Happy Memories of You Do I Keep” … created a “Reflection”.

    In these unprecedented time we now live in… more of us need that time to just stop and be still… renewing our perspective…giving us the opportunities to reflect on our lives and prioritize what is really important to us and our loved ones. To distinguish between what our needs are vs our wants. Making choices that really matter in the future vs the present… planning vs just living day to day…

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    1. …creating happy memories now for our future selves to reflect upon…one day.
      What is really important? Good question. It’s so simple and yet complicated too.

      I’m so glad this made you reflect on your own life! Yes! We do live in unprecedented times indeed! How exciting to be alive right now experiencing the
      Madness. We always knew these days were coming…

      May God bless you and keep you safely in His loving embrace always…trust.💓


  5. Oh Nina! You were a beautiful child! So full of life! I can see those wheels turning with creative stories even then! I’m so glad you are keeping it near, to consciously choose the good memories! God Bless you my sweet friend!
    Check your email. 🙂

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