10 thoughts on “Division Runs Deep”

      1. I think it’s a matter more related to the education and the lack of respect visible and real in US society. I can only hope that the competent authorities take the appropriate action to inhabilitate those terrorist organisations operating so freely in American cities. Thank you Nina! All the best!


      2. Agreed. Notice too that riots are happening (as in the case in Portland) in left leaning Progressive cities. Easy to tear down your own. Easy to call anyone to the right of you a nazi. Going to get even more colorful in the next few weeks.

        Remember the conversation we had and I wondered what it was like in the time leading up to WW2? Here we go….

        The competent authorities have their hands tied at the federal levelβ€”until the states ask for help, the feds have to step back or be accused of β€˜dictators’. Instead the feds have cross deputized some local cops and state troopers to be able to prosecute at the federal level.

        I still hope for the best to come for us all…
        Thank you, Francisco. I always appreciate our talks. All the best to you!

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      3. You are right, the government has a duty to act on behalf of the people, to protect the people. I just finished watching the series “Aquarius” which dealt with 1968 and the riots and problems that existed then, especially with radical groups such as the Black Panthers and the SDS, and Nixon, which got elected that year, took care of it through the courts and through pro-active police work. They took down (arrested and tried) the leaders of the major problematic organisations and they fell apart and there was peace (relatively). But if Trump does not act, there may be problems for a long, long time because the leftists are gaining and they’ve the support of the media…it is lovely talking with you Nina, take good care and stay aware and thus safe,
        all the best,


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