Who Do You Believe?

September 13, 2020

Who Do You Believe

When the flames come for you?

“Answer me!” Dark eyes–

Hollow eyes–

Spit in your face.

“If you don’t support Antifa you support Fascists!”

What? Are you kidding me? I’ve wondered for years,

What was it like in the days,



Before the war…now I know.

History comes full-circle once again.

And here I am staring point-blank into a faceless name


She told me I’m not intelligent enough to understand the metaphor


An allegory–she said.

For three long months we’ve endured their

“Peaceful protests”

Nightly riots

Calling us the enemy–


“Death to Fascists!” A metaphoric allegory mostly peaceful…

“BURN IT DOWN!” as Antifa threw fireworks at police officers.

Fireworks were found in the forest…

A metaphor.

Who are we to believe?

Officials tell us to blame

“Global Warming!”

This morning the sun didn’t rise and it’s cold outside–unseasonably cold.

Who do you believe when it’s a matter of life and death?

Today we, like many others, are preparing to evacuate as we have a “fire weatherwarning. For the past fifteen years my husband and I have diligently worked to reduce fuels around our home in a badly neglected beautiful forest. We’ve watched as nature eagerly responds to loving care. Trees chocked by underbrush competing for valuable resources grow healthy and strong…maybe our efforts have not all been in vain. And maybe God has forsaken us.

🙏🏻😔 Nina

Author: NZain


23 thoughts on “Who Do You Believe?”

  1. Many years ago when our forests were burning there was no talk of “climate change” or “global warming”, we knew the problem, it was careless people with their fires. Yes, lightning causes a lot of fires too, but our worst fires were caused by people. Year after year our forests burned because of careless people.😳🔥🌲🔥🌲

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  2. Nina, I hope you and your family are safe and stay safe…take good care of yourself. Now, reference Antifa, I have lost friends because I told them Antifa was a terrorist organisation. I believe they are. There are so many hypocrites in the world, I tell you. Someone I know came to see me with a t-shirt that said, “Sometimes I’m anti-social but I am always anti-fascist”, and I said, well, that is fine but what about anti-communist? Then the face goes blank and the mouth says nothing…
    It’s not the fascists that worry me, it’s the Antifa followers who do not even know what they are following. These people were defined as “useful idiots” by Lenin himself who said that the United States will sell them the rope they would use to hang them. This is going on right now with terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, they have begun to use the rope. If people over in your country do not wake up…
    All the best and I wish you safety, peace and tranquility,

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    1. Hi Francisco! So far we are safe, but still on high alert—ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Rain is coming…hopefully soon.

      Someone directed me to an Antifa primer video on YouTube. I watched. Narrated by a handsome young man with an English accent. Very compelling and well produced. How can one argue with it? This person told me if I don’t support Antifa then I support fascism. How very small minded.

      The indoctrinated are young and idealistic—and of course they know way more than their parents do! But when they realize they’ve been used (as we had to see)
      Will they be able to walk away? I have a vision that when they do see—they will be the ones to turn on the ideology and destroy it. Rather dramatic cinematography in my head…
      On a positive note—I do see that more people in America are waking up—albeit after hitting the snooze button! But yes, I think we still have an excellent opportunity to knock down this evil which…well as you and I know has been brewing for some time now. I see many using laughter to mock Antifa. Very funny and talented folks fighting back with videos.

      People have had enough. Of course this is what ‘they’ want. Push the people into civil war. I see it here in Oregon—we are on the brink. Let’s hope it doesn’t last long and that it ends well. Keep praying for us all. 🙏🏻

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      1. Absolutely right you are Nina. I just hope people wake up all over the world because this madness is reaching Europe as well…take good care and all the best 😊


    1. Aunt Tifa 🤣 yes a movement based on, as best as I can tell having conversations on Twitter, Marxist ideologies which history has proven to be deadly. They are still rioting with BLM also based on Marxist revolutionary ideologies and they don’t seem to be slowing down. They believe cops are Nazis. There is no reasoning with them.

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  3. Thinking of you, Nina! I didn’t know you were in Oregon. I’ve fallen in love with your state since my oldest went to college at Willamette in Salem 3 years ago. My heart was so heavy for Oregon during the fires. Best wishes and I hope you stayed safe !

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      1. I have to confess that Oregon or Washington State is the place I hope to end up in someday. I have fallen in love with the PNW. hope you are doing well, I’m so busy with school I don’t get on as much, but I always enjoy reading or listening to your creative work.

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      2. Thank you for taking the time with your busy schedule to say hi, Cindy! Always sweet to see you😊
        This is a really pretty part of the country. Right now fall is in full color. Hopefully we get some rain soon…50 year drought and fires are still burning. Rioting still going on in Portland, Vancouver and Seattle. Windows smashed.
        Hope school is going well and you are learning lots! Take care, Cindy!

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      3. Ah, fall, it’s a lovely time of year! Especially with all your trees! Yes, I follow OR news closely and it’s a very difficult time. Many things to balance socially I hope wholeheartedly that things calm down. I still want to live out there one day, in all that green, but it makes me question when. I hope you are well with your piano playing and life in general!

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      4. I wholeheartedly hope so too. Had a conversation with a young man in support of the rioting. On the one hand I get where he is coming from…on the other hand…

        Piano playing is good. I always think of you when I sit down to play! Life in general is good. Stacking wood for the coming winter months. Same—I hope all is well with you too, Cindy. 🤗

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      5. Yes, exactly how I feel on the rioting. The causes are good but the destruction of property and feel of supporting anarchy not so much in my view.

        How nice on the piano❤️ And the wood stacking sounds cozy and reminds me of all the days we will have to do inside things now😊
        Take care, Nina, Cindy

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      6. So now the ‘cause’ is utter destruction to America. “Death to America” they chant.

        Antifa’ s mayoral candidate lost to Portland’s Ted Wheeler. It’s not about justice…this much is clear—now. Now they are out in the open. Openly anarchistic. And in a very short time—the video shows, one of the prettiest cities is being destroyed like a drug addict destroying their own body. Self-abuse. They hate everyone—including themselves…but they keep pushing forward either join them or…not. But their intention is clear—and Biden/Harris support them. Openly.

        Last night the National Guard was finally called in. My dearest friend is up there in the trenches…put in a position unimaginable. Yet, here we are. The Ballrog has been released. The left has gone to far and there doesn’t seem to be any coming back. But still, I have wood to stack and gutters to clean today before it finally rains. And I welcome the rain. 😊.

        Thank you for spending some time here with me Cindy. I send you good thoughts🦋💓🦋

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      7. Yikes! I I was heartened to see the Antifa candidate lost. I think Portland is a really hard city to govern. Many are Idealistic, trying to promote freedom and great ideals, but struggling to maintain order and civility. I still love it though and am hoping with the next four years we will have more unity and less crazy. Wishing you well cutting wood and the rain sounds LOVELY ❤️

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      8. Yes. I am hopeful too. The balance between freedom and order begins in our own minds. If we can each learn to govern ourselves by our own thinking—then maybe…we can learn to get along with each other? Wishful thinking? Positive thinking!

        Ideals of perfection…there are two different words “Utopia” and “Eutopia” each come from the Greek. ‘Uo’ negates. ‘Eu’ means good or well. I find this fascinating…

        The city has lots of cleaning up to do…and some crying wouldn’t hurt…washes away the hurt. 💧💦🌊🌦🌈☀️❤️

        I feel for people. As much as I’ve struggled in my own life with coming to terms with abuse—I see what society is going through in much the same way.

        Coming to terms with our human history isn’t so pretty. And yet at the same time—it’s awesomely insanely beautiful too! And I see my own personally not so pretty history in the same light. It’s difficult coming to terms…but I certainly don’t want to tear myself down and destroy my Self! Been hard enough on myself and those around me. 🤪

        What society needs to do (I am trusting) is exactly what it needs. I too have work do to—and I am exactly where I need to be. Whatever that looks like—it’s going to be what it’s going to be! How we respond is where it gets interesting.

        I’ve heard it said that true freedom “is in the tension between chaos and order” the space between movement and rest. The turning point. Balance isn’t static…

        And yes, I was also heartened Antifa’s mayor lost…I may not care for Ted’s policies—but I hope for the best for he and the city. Because sadly, Portland is shutting itself off to tourism…and I would love love love to visit the Japanese gardens right now in their full fall color! But I don’t want to be attacked…and I will be. So, I stay away…at least for now.

        Click to access About-Portland-Japanese-Garden-Background-and-History-1.pdf

        Have you been to the Japanese gardens in Portland? So inspiring…

        Dang! You got me writing like crazy, Cindy! Got the creative juices flowing! Time to write the next blog post…

        Thanks for the well wishes! Same to you studying well and learning much to help others in all that you do and say, Poet. 💓 PS. I love Colorado mornings…

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      9. Gosh, Nina, there is SO much in here! And you gave me a break from Accounting for decision makers which is making my mind spin with revenues, expenses, balances sheets, cash flows. Super interesting but also mind numbing. So thank you!!
        Ok, so to start with a couple of wonderful ideas that jump out at me; that the balance between freedom and order begins in our own minds. Can you elaborate? For myself, and I think in society this is like a swinging pendulum. Sometimes I lean way too far on the freedom (after being stifled by order) and then after being way to free and easy and undisciplined I swing back to the order side. I see the protests as a swing, a release valve from pent up subtle domination and order. Finally, people can say they’ve been repressed, discriminated against, hurt. But then in this garden of freedom sometimes anarchy gets too much sway. So BALANCE is key.
        Secondly, that leads me to your idea that society needs to do (I am hopeful and trust too) what it needs to do. I second this in my own life after a similar experience with fundamental religion and the stages of grief I had to go through to embrace my faith in a FREE way without the entrapments of domination and judgment. That included learning to love all people and stop judging the world and worrying about who is lost and trying to convert everyone. I have my Faith and beliefs and I am going to respect yours. So extrapolating this to society I think there is a need to grief over racism, sexism, mysoginy, the treatment of our Native American brothers a d sisters, the division of wealth and opportunity etc.. I am going to hope so hard that this is a healthy and cathartic swing to work those things out for the betterment of ALL Americans.
        Ok, that statement that true freedom is the tension between chaos and order is BRILLIANT. I think inside of that statement is allowing people/culture/society our nation to feel that tension and be ok with it and HOPE it brings growth and maturity. Wow, I just love that and I could think about that for a long time.
        Agreed on Ted Wheeler. He seems like a good guy, very empathetic, but a bit of a pushover when it comes to doing the hard and right hints of maintaining order and not letting Portland residents have to endure lack of protection, destruction of public property. But WAY better than the Antifa chic (total anarchy).
        We were out in July and honestly, Nina, found the city to be very safe… it’s only at night and a few blocks of the city that have been the problem. We went to the Rose Garden, hiked Forest Park, strolled along the Willamette, stayed in St. John’s, got coffee in Sellwood, but the Japanese Gardens were closed during to Covid. Fell in love with the PNW and thinking about moving there despite all the crazy stuff. It’s better than many countries that really are dangerous everywhere and citizens rights are trampled on. Overall I think we have an amazing and safe country but have some hiccups we need to work out. It is weird that Portland is the poster child these days for so much drama, though. Thanks for the kind words and let me tell you how GORGEOUS our blue skies and mild weather is right now against those incredible Rocky Mountains that I can see while I walk through my neighborhood!
        Best and want to say I love, love you deep thoughts!!
        Cindy ❤️

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      10. Ok, that statement that true freedom is the tension between chaos and order is BRILLIANT. I think inside of that statement is allowing people/culture/society our nation to feel that tension and be ok with it and HOPE it brings growth and maturity. Wow, I just love that and I could think about that for a long time.

        Growth and maturity…

        Yes!!! We grow and mature through challenges. That tension—I think of a a properly tuned piano wire or guitar string. The sweet spot. That’s the tension, the active balance. A lot of learning happens in that space.

        Oh those Rocky Mountains! Yes…this is an amazing country with an equally amazing history. Having lived outside the US—this is home. I am grateful to be here…and will defend this country from anarchy and abuse. This is why I keep writing and doing what I do…for as long as I am able.

        Keep the deep thoughts flowing…💓


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