Who Do You Believe?

September 13, 2020

Who Do You Believe

When the flames come for you?

“Answer me!” Dark eyes–

Hollow eyes–

Spit in your face.

“If you don’t support Antifa you support Fascists!”

What? Are you kidding me? I’ve wondered for years,

What was it like in the days,



Before the war…now I know.

History comes full-circle once again.

And here I am staring point-blank into a faceless name


She told me I’m not intelligent enough to understand the metaphor


An allegory–she said.

For three long months we’ve endured their

“Peaceful protests”

Nightly riots

Calling us the enemy–


“Death to Fascists!” A metaphoric allegory mostly peaceful…

“BURN IT DOWN!” as Antifa threw fireworks at police officers.

Fireworks were found in the forest…

A metaphor.

Who are we to believe?

Officials tell us to blame

“Global Warming!”

This morning the sun didn’t rise and it’s cold outside–unseasonably cold.

Who do you believe when it’s a matter of life and death?

Today we, like many others, are preparing to evacuate as we have a “fire weatherwarning. For the past fifteen years my husband and I have diligently worked to reduce fuels around our home in a badly neglected beautiful forest. We’ve watched as nature eagerly responds to loving care. Trees chocked by underbrush competing for valuable resources grow healthy and strong…maybe our efforts have not all been in vain. And maybe God has forsaken us.

🙏🏻😔 Nina

Author: NZain

Finding my way forward...

4 thoughts on “Who Do You Believe?”

  1. Many years ago when our forests were burning there was no talk of “climate change” or “global warming”, we knew the problem, it was careless people with their fires. Yes, lightning causes a lot of fires too, but our worst fires were caused by people. Year after year our forests burned because of careless people.😳🔥🌲🔥🌲


  2. Nina, I hope you and your family are safe and stay safe…take good care of yourself. Now, reference Antifa, I have lost friends because I told them Antifa was a terrorist organisation. I believe they are. There are so many hypocrites in the world, I tell you. Someone I know came to see me with a t-shirt that said, “Sometimes I’m anti-social but I am always anti-fascist”, and I said, well, that is fine but what about anti-communist? Then the face goes blank and the mouth says nothing…
    It’s not the fascists that worry me, it’s the Antifa followers who do not even know what they are following. These people were defined as “useful idiots” by Lenin himself who said that the United States will sell them the rope they would use to hang them. This is going on right now with terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, they have begun to use the rope. If people over in your country do not wake up…
    All the best and I wish you safety, peace and tranquility,

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    1. Hi Francisco! So far we are safe, but still on high alert—ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Rain is coming…hopefully soon.

      Someone directed me to an Antifa primer video on YouTube. I watched. Narrated by a handsome young man with an English accent. Very compelling and well produced. How can one argue with it? This person told me if I don’t support Antifa then I support fascism. How very small minded.

      The indoctrinated are young and idealistic—and of course they know way more than their parents do! But when they realize they’ve been used (as we had to see)
      Will they be able to walk away? I have a vision that when they do see—they will be the ones to turn on the ideology and destroy it. Rather dramatic cinematography in my head…
      On a positive note—I do see that more people in America are waking up—albeit after hitting the snooze button! But yes, I think we still have an excellent opportunity to knock down this evil which…well as you and I know has been brewing for some time now. I see many using laughter to mock Antifa. Very funny and talented folks fighting back with videos.

      People have had enough. Of course this is what ‘they’ want. Push the people into civil war. I see it here in Oregon—we are on the brink. Let’s hope it doesn’t last long and that it ends well. Keep praying for us all. 🙏🏻

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