Privilege 🇺🇸

August 28, 2020

There are some in America who want to abolish not only the police–but the constitution.

Don’t let them. Don’t be fooled.

The whole world is watching.

God is watching. Don’t despair!

When this storm passes, and it will, the sun will shine again.

Together, with renewed spirit for our great nation,

Love for ourselves and our neighbors,

And faith–always we must have faith–

We will come to understand the privileges our

Constitution of the United States of America

Affords each and every citizen–and

We will come to understand

The privilege of defending her–

America. My home sweet home.


I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.Genesis 9:13

Author: NZain


22 thoughts on “Privilege 🇺🇸”

    1. That’s just it, Steve—what happens here in America affects the entire world.

      So bizarre…yesterday evening we listened to the local police scanner.😳🙈no we are not ready for a society without police. You can’t make this up—a forty year old “bikini clad” woman with a dead rat running in and out of traffic—throwing said rat at cars. 🙀 no respect.

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      1. Yes, it sure does. There are nations laughing right now, ready to fill the void if the US tears itself apart. There are forces at work to pull the US down from within. The world doesn’t want to see what would happen.😳😬
        A dead rat? Am I missing something? Is that supposed to have some hidden meaning or is it just plain stupidity? You can delete that last part if you want.🤔

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      2. Nope—not missing a thing. No hidden meaning. A real live dead 🐀. Who does that?
        I agree with you—the world doesn’t want to see what would happen. And yet, if it does happen now or later—we must stay strong right to the end. Keep faith alive in our hearts. 🖐😻. The story as I’ve read it—has a happy ending. Have a great day Steve!

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      3. Yes indeed, it does have a happy ending! It was a good, cold day, easy to tell that fall has indeed arrived. And I’m busy planning our next story.😸😸 I wonder where it will take us?🤔 Enjoy the remainder of your weekend Nina!😃🖐😻

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      4. Just starting to feel the first hints of our Indian summertime—love this time of year. Next week back in 90’s. 50’s at night. Purrrfect for sleeping.
        There is a huuuuge pro-Trump car rally happening right now in Portland! Looks like 1500-2000+ vehicles waving American?Trump flags through downtown. What a sight! 😊💓🖐😻. Enjoy your weekend too, Steve. Looking forward to your next adventure with the cats!

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      5. Hmm, when we get Indian summer our temps might get in the 60s, not 90s! Tomorrow it’s only going to be around 60 for a high, was 72 today. Temps get even colder next week.
        Wow, bet that ended up a real blow up with those rioters. Hope no one gets hurt though.
        Cats are already packing, and unpacking, and packing….😂😹😹🖐😻


      6. Man was shot and killed. A Trump supporter. And people were dancing in the streets celebrating. No joke. Now it’s going to get real neat. Sigh…

        Mr. Cat got fed way too many cat cookies today by a two year old! He just now gave me a look like—“it was worth it, but oh mommy—my tummy!”😿

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      7. Hard to believe. If it was me I would pull the police out, empty the jails and let them have their policeless city. I wonder what it would be like after a few months.
        Oh no, poor Mr. Cat.😿 Hope he feels better for our new adventure today!🙀


      8. Can you imagine????🙀☠️😹 it’s ridiculously insane…and yet—this dark force continues to drive them. It’s already happening. It is hard to believe which is exactly what “they” want. Then you and I get called conspiracy nut jobs. Better to blame Trump. That is what Portland mayor said in his press conference yesterday. It’s all his fault. Mmm, no. They only have themselves to blame.

        Seems that Portland is just a training ground for antifites. Now the kids have moved on to California rioting in Sacramento and Oakland with “death to America” chants, smashing car windows and anything else they can. And yet still plenty of Americans support them—because they hate hate hate Trump. Dangerous times. How will we ever heal from this? It’s a mystery….🤪

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      9. Yes, a dark force is right, so people are not thinking clearly. The only way to defeat the US is from within. Then who picks up the pieces? If the US falls, it won’t rise to prominence again. These rioters need to be stopped, they really are criminals with all they are doing. What will happen if Biden gets in this fall? Does Trump actually have a chance?😬


  1. Nina, you are so right and I agree with you 100%. I am not an American but I did live in the US for many years and I don’t want the nation to fall into the hands of those who are now trying to destroy it. I served in the US Army and in the police department and I would defend that country as I would mine own from those that want to destroy its basic structure of law and order. Those people demonstrating are blind and manipulated by those who would hold absolute power should they come to the presidency. I strongly urge all citizens of the US to wake up and to realise that you are being manipulated. Thank you Nina for such a beautiful post!

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    1. First, thank you for your service to America and your kind words. 🙏🏻

      I’m at a loss for words, Francisco…deeply humbled and grateful—and renewed in spirit. These are truly awesome days to witness! We always knew they were coming. Now is the time to stand up and be strong. Yes. We are being manipulated. A harsh pill to swallow indeed. And yet, now we know the reality—a good thing. One day, we will look back on this time—and smile.
      Thank you for the encouragement, Francisco. I will keep posting.

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      1. Let your spirit constantly renew and your strength guide you Nina…I hope it is soon that we will look back and smile, but to do that many more people need to wake up. You are doing a wonderful thing and thank you so much!

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      2. It seems to me that too many prefer to sleep and pretend. Their own reality is a nightmarish hell—I understand. It is difficult to look inside one’s own soul and see what is there. And yet—it is the only way forward.
        We—we my friend are going a wonderful thing! So keep up the good work, Francisco! 😊

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      3. I like the way you think and totally agree with your philosophy Nina. You are doing good and important work, thank you 😊 always!

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