What’s Blooming?🌸

August 22, 2020

Good morning, dear friends–I hope this post finds you well and in positive spirits.

Does it feel like there is a powerful negative energy, a crazy-dark force pushing us down into anger–to hate our neighbor? It wants us to fight one another…how sad for those stuck in the prison of their own minds. Don’t be fooled.

Don’t give in to it. Don’t let it get you down.

Even now the sun shines and flowers bloom!

We’ve already been through so much–it’s exhausting! And it’s not over–yet.


Love yourself first–with so much love overflowing–and then give some love away to your neighbor. Watch what happens…


What more can I say? Please feel free to add your own thoughts, verse, quotes–anything uplifting–in the comments. Let’s support, uplift and inspire one another through these troubling times.

Prayers for our leaders and those who persecute.🙏🏻

May God guide us…

With love and gratitude for this whole wonderfully absurd existence,


Author: NZain


24 thoughts on “What’s Blooming?🌸”

    1. How much verbal abuse can the police take? I see these so-called “peaceful protesters” attacking our citizens sworn to protect and serve…but they stand their ground with so-much dignity.

      So inspiring to see that even while those who would cheapen free speech are allowed to do so—courage, integrity and the law—is still alive and well. My heart goes out to all law enforcement who walk this thin line.

      Thank you for reading and adding your powerful words here, Francisco!
      All the best!

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      1. Thank you Nina, as a former law enforcement officer I thank you so much! Like a great US Sheriff said recently, (and I wrote a post about him), it is not the police that needs to change, it is society. His final advice to mothers of young lads was that if they wanted to protect their child, they should teach them to respect. Lovely thoughts Nina and you are so, so right!
        Take good care and all the best.

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      2. Right on! Teach respect in the home. Teach self-respect.
        Thanks for visiting and for chatting, Francisco. As always, I appreciate the feedback and kindness.
        Be well,
        Nina 🙂

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  1. It does seem like there is so much evil and darkness going on. I know it affects my health to read about all of it in the news. I have family member who are in the police force and they are discouraged over all this disrespect. So much so, he told me a few months ago he would not challenge anyone to go into police work right now. That made me sad. Glad you are writing about the battle.

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    1. Thank you Betty for reading and for your kind words here. Yes, the news is difficult to digest. We are watching closely the events in Portland, Oregon and I am amazed by the level of dignity and restraint the police officers show.

      To be verbally and physically abused night after night…while “elected officials” allow it to happen. There is nothing peaceful here. There is only violence perpetrated by these “useful idiots”. And yet—the police remain committed. Awesome.

      I hear your family member’s frustration. How could this happen? And yet, this disrespect has been brewing for some time now, no? In your 73 years you have certainly seen so much! But, God is control—this I believe with all my heart. What is happening now must come to pass. We must stay strong and encourage one another—support and uplift. I hope for the best for all.

      In the end of this nonsense—real justice will prevail. Take heart, Betty and be of good cheer! And please do visit and comment again.💓


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