My Peaceful Protest: What Color is the Sky?

August 18, 2020

“Grandpa…what color is the sky?”


(And then after a few thoughtful moments…)

“Grandpa…how do we know you and I see the same color blue?”

“We don’t.”

“Grandpa…what color am I?”

(Oh dear sweet child of God. What color is the wind?

Formed in the mind of the One who breathes life into

ALL that was, is, and ever will be–including you!

Made of the stuff of stars and volcanoes, oceans and trees… ahh the majestic trees…

What color are you my daughter’s child? And how do I answer such a question as this?)

“You grandson, are all the colors of all our ancestors from the beginning of time until now.”

“Yes, grandpa…but–” (and he looked up at me with eyes the color of the universe)

“‘Does my life matter too?”


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Author: NZain


33 thoughts on “My Peaceful Protest: What Color is the Sky?”

      1. Trick question, right?🤔😁
        You said thank you, so I said you’re welcome.
        You said “you too” in response to my “have a wonderful day” so I said thanks to that.😀😺


      2. I’m confused? That’s normal for me. Did I miss something? Well, I guess that’s obvious. You’re trying to get me in trouble, right? My thoughts? Oh my, let’s see. Though the present push is for one color to matter, it seems to suggest that others don’t. Whereas all colors matter, because in reality, is there different colors? Or different shades of one color? As in your blue colors, different shades, but all are blue. We all matter, no matter what. I think the way things are going produces more division instead of more unity. Okay, that part isn’t part of your story I guess. I have a hard time saying what I want to say sometimes, you do it in such a beautiful way.🙂😻

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      3. I think you said it just perfectly! And your understanding of this story is spot on!

        “We all matter, no matter what” well said, Steve! Can I quote you?

        Different shades of one (the One) ‘skin color’—that is a really beautiful thought. Since the beginning of time until now—all the colors of all our ancestors..Thank you for sharing your thoughts—I appreciate your insights🖐😸

        And I agree with you—if it’s unity they truly want—this is not the way to achieve that goal. It’s only creating more division. But it also seems like (we are watching Portland closely) things just took a dramatic turn…I am hopeful for the best.

        Maybe then we really can get to the business of taking care of one another with respect to all our ancestors—the whole extended family. Just a dream of course…

        Glad you see the beauty in this message, Steve. I too have a hard time saying what I want—so it comes out like this—and I wonder if it makes sense to anyone else😁✨🌲🌋. I don’t want to become ‘color-blind’ I want to celebrate all of humanity’s many colors. Have a great evening. 😴

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      4. Good morning Nina! Thanks, yes, you may quote me.
        Respect to all of our ancestors, a dream perhaps, but could be reality. Unfortunately people keep getting in the way. Sigh.
        You did this very well Nina, your message always comes through and I think the way you do it really makes it hit and stick.
        Hope you have a most wonderful day Nina!😃😺🖐😻


  1. You know just the other day my 4 year told me she’s not beautiful because she’s white (all other kids in her class are brown)…that really broke me cuz I never taught her to dislike others for their skin color. We had a serious talk that night. Thank you for such a beautiful blogpost ❤

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    1. Hi Sheri thank you so much for visiting and for sharing your story. Good you had a serious talk with her—it is serious and it is heartbreaking that any child should have this idea that because of the color of their skin they somehow aren’t beautiful.

      I read about your country this morning and I look forward to reading more from you! 💓😊

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      1. To be honest, I was angry. Especially when she kept on saying that she’s not beautiful. I mean those are things we aren’t teaching her. I really don’t know where she got it from. Probably school. But I told her that God created all of us with a different skin color. But the skin color isn’t what makes you beautiful. Okay maybe it does but it sure doesn’t make nobody more beautiful than others with a different color. And all skin colors is beautiful. All of them. And more important is that God loves all of us, all of us, and He looks at our heart! I think something like that. I just pray she understands it.


      2. Angry seems an honest response. I feel for you, Sheri. Does your daughter also think her own mother is not beautiful? These ideas that teach self-hate are just wrong. And if she is getting them school? Yikes.

        “But the skin color isn’t what makes you beautiful. Okay maybe it does…” this made me giggle. So honest. Me personally, I don’t want to be ‘color blind’. I appreciate and admire the unique beauty and culture of all ethnicities no matter what color. I don’t like what I am seeing with all the politics of race. I have no guilt for my ‘Slavic pink’ skin color…and so I wrote this piece in protest.

        I wonder if this story would make sense to your daughter—would she be able to relate to this child who has these same concerns? “Do I matter?” And the grandfather who sees the child’s distress…it is heartbreaking.

        It is the heart that matters to God—and yet to a pretty little girl who wants to fit in with the other pretty little girls and be accepted for who she is, knowing her skin color is different—it’s complicated, right? So young! And so sweet. I also pray she (and the other girls too) comes to understand her own unique beauty—is more than skin color. All the best to you Sheri. 💓Nina

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  2. She told me I was beautiful. It really hurts you know when people talk like that, and this is just a child. We really do our best to teach her to love one another. Yeah I’m not color blind either I mean its a fact that people have different skin color but that doesn’t make one better than the other.

    Thank you for keeping us in your prayers, Nina. Seriously going to need that.


    1. Well, I’m just now learning really learning to love my self after all these years…how else can I love my neighbor? Especially when my neighbor is mean and hurting from their own traumatic childhood!

      I do believe all our ancestors did their best with the knowledge they had in their time—even all the inhumanities against one another. Yes these things happened. Since the beginning of humanity. We learn from past mistakes. We do the best we can now.

      Life on a dairy farm in the tropics sounds like heaven to me. And a lot of work too! This dialogue is inspiring me to write something…🙏🏻🌸🙏🏻


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