Then Came Angels…

August 15, 2020

This poem about childhood emotional abuse was rattling around in my brain for some time (in between crochet stitches) and then, a most wonderful comment from Anna Waldherr inspired the pen to paper. Thank you, Anna.

The 18th Century rabbi, Israel ben Eliezer, wrote of suffering: “Each prayer has its own meaning, and it is, therefore, the specific key to a door in the Divine Palace. But a broken heart is an axe that opens all the gates.” ❤ Anna Waldherr

“Do you know how they break a horse’s spirit? This




Going to do to you!” These words said in a flying-rage to a small child–

(Too small to reason)

Burned a hole in her tender heart.

Sometimes, I



Of berating her (this was just the beginning)

You had beaten her. Broken bones heal. A young heart however, so easily shattered…

(You really thought to break that which belongs to God alone? My spirit? No.)

No. My spirit you could not break. You would have to settle with breaking my heart.

And as I lay–alone


(Because who alone can survive a broken heart?)

Then came angels




Carefully tending

My cracks (with lacquer and gold dust*) making me


(Even more beautiful)




*And thanks J for the thoughtful discussion on kintsugi

Author: NZain


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