17 thoughts on “My Peaceful Protest: What Really Matters?”

    1. “…uplifting”. Oh Lance—that is puuurrrfect! Thank you for the smile. We all need a bit of support. You are most welcome and thank you for your kind words—they are much appreciated!

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    1. Seems to me that some people lose sight of the tremendously wonderful existence of Life itself—with all of its difficulties—and so there is suffering. They want “Utopian” but can’t seem to accept reality.

      But—trying to force people to change through violence and coercion in the name of “racial justice”—when their tactics of manipulation failed (I have no guilt for having been born white)—is just wrong.

      Glad you love it! We can all benefit from some supportiveness and comfort….something I think we can all agree on!

      Thanks for the visit and kind words, Francisco!

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      1. My pleasure Nina and I agree with you fully! I also am no ashamed of my ancestors or the past of my country. What was done in the past cannot be judged by the standards of the present. Take good care and all the best 😊

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      2. Yes! Well said, Francisco. What was done in the past—we can only accept. And I say this on a personal level too.

        It is interesting…I’ve thought for a while now—what was it like in Europe in the years before the Second World War (both my parents came from Europe) and could the war have been stopped? Well…I’m seeing the answer now in America.

        But—on a positive note—more people (I watched a video of a Cuban man speaking with our President) are now able to speak out against communism and telling their stories. People in the most left progressive cities (Portland) are seeing first hand the truth of these movements. And somehow—what is happening in Portland—has to happen! I hope for all the best too. #I’m not ashamed.
        Be well and stay strong!🙂

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      3. Thank you Nina, all well and staying strong, thank God! Take good care and yes, Europe before WWII was being eaten up by the Nazis. The war was necessary to bring freedom. It’s one of those wars you don’t really have to explain much, therefore I think it was a “just” war. I’ve been to war, wars that are difficult to explain, or that require lengthy explanations, so, I am not convinced they were just or even necessary…what is going on in places like Portland is manipulated by those who want power. They want to defund the police but only to become themselves the police…
        Take good care and it is very interesting chatting with you.
        All the best,

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      4. Yes, and even before Nazis—they were beat up by Socialists/Communists. My family is from Ukraine. I grew up with many stories…that nobody wanted to tell.
        I agree—some wars are just.
        Yes, Portland is being (has been) manipulated indeed. Sad. Such a pretty city surrounded by gardens and beautiful nature. It had become rife with drugs and despair. Even the police union president calling out the city several years ago—calling it a “cesspool.” Maybe this is how things can change for good.
        I’m glad you’ve survived war—(to chat with me now) to create beautiful art!
        Have a blessed day!


      5. Let us keep inspiring one another to love and not hate—especially our enemies. This is the real war inside ourselves—learning to love ourselves, maybe we can love our neighbors too. It could happen…🙏🏻

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      6. I agree and I will do that, after all hate only destroys the one who hates, the hated person doesn’t even know and lives happily on…great idea and I’m with it fully!

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