37 thoughts on “Heliotherapy and Crochet.”

    1. Thanks, Renee! And I totally understand. For me, it’s personal. My mom crocheted but said I couldn’t learn (I’m going back many years ago) cause I’m left handed. Oh so frustrating for us both. Whatever. She was wrong.

      It was my mum-in-law who patiently and methodically taught me the basics and then I got completely hooked! It’s my therapy. 😉

      Yes, I agree with you—many hobbies to take up. And we can’t do them all! I’ve tried different crafts (I’m terrible at knitting!) but found I’m a pretty good ‘hooker’.

      Is there a hobby you’ve yet to try that you would like to one day learn?

      So enjoyed a bit of summer Sunday afternoon sunshine and quiet reflection…good for the soul. 💓

      Hope you are also having a great day! Another hurricane heading towards the coast—more rain. Will it affect you where you are? 🤗

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      1. I’m glad you proved her wrong. You CAN do anything! 💪🏼 Cudos to the MIL for her loving patience!…hooker?! 😆 pun intended?
        I would like to learn to paint. And get professional drawing lessons. I can draw a little. I haven’t in years.
        Sunshine is always good for the soul! ☀️
        I hope it doesn’t affect us. I’m glad I don’t live in FL.

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      2. Renee—your words always comfort me. Thank you for your kindness,🙏🏻
        Hooker. Teehee. The first book I got to learn crochet is called “The Happy Hooker”. It is very silly. But….there is some history too. It was the prostitutes who would crochet lace…
        Oh I do hope you learn to paint and draw! I would love to see what your heart creates!
        Another crazy week—goes by a so fast. And here we are again on the Sabbath. I wish everyone would just take a break and rest a bit! Enough with the fighting already! Stop blowing each other up! Do you think humans will ever learn?
        Have a great peaceful weekend, dear friend.🤗💓🌻

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    1. Thanks! Wouldn’t it be nice, if it could just be this simple? Just wish each other well…
      Hey I’m curious, Charlotte—have you read CS. Lewis “Out of the Silent Planet” trilogy?

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    1. Ooh I would like to teach crochet! Been thinking about making an easy tutorial video. Crochet is such a blessing for me—I would like to share with others.
      I do hope you learn from your mom and grandma—super cool to pass it along!

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  1. That’s what I always want to do—be a comfort as I have been comforted. You are welcome. I’m glad we both can share in the kindness! 🤗
    Well there’s a new one to me—a happy hooker crocheting lace. 🤔😆We all need silly things to help us laugh and grow!🙂
    Maybe one of these days I can learn to draw and paint! My youngest daughter draws on an app on her phone…She is so amazing! She loves anime.

    I don’t even know how I got here to Saturday! Where did the week go?! So so busy! I sure could use the break and rest myself! 😞
    I have to stay off the news. It will depress me, the things that are happening in our world!
    I don’t think humans will ever learn. The evil in this world will make sure of that…but oh one day when I leave this chaos for a home of peaceful bliss! Those kind of humans can have this place then!
    Oh well, c’est la vie!
    Hope you have a great rest of the day!
    I’m about to make a short and sweet post and catch a few winks! Love ya my friend! 💕


    1. I just read your post. Ahhhhh….so lovely so true. Tend to the inner garden—lest the bitter weeds take root.
      Yeah…silly things help—laughter is good medicine for sure. Cool your daughter draws on her phone! Remember when we had to put our finger in the dial—and then wait for the dang thing to come back around—and then you forget what number you just dialed! Ha! The good ole days…
      I wrote a little something about world news and depression—coming full circle with the chaos—facing the enemy. Difficult times we are experiencing—but I am also very hopeful. More than ever! Yes, let the wicked have their wicked ways—it’s ok. God knows all about it—and just how tough it is to stay strong and not fall into despair. That’s why we have friendships 🙏🏻
      Love back at ya!💓


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