The Queen’s Gardener Chapter 4: Civil Disturbance

June 23, 2020

Continued from Chapter3

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Thank you for watching. You can see for yourself the entire video (and so much more!) here.

With love and gratitude,

NZain 🙏🏻

To be continued…

Author: NZain


14 thoughts on “The Queen’s Gardener Chapter 4: Civil Disturbance”

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. I do hope out of all this mess we can as a society move forward—together—towards healing. Haven’t we had enough fighting? But still, in order to move forward—we do need to have some difficult painful conversations, set boundaries—in our personal relationships and with the world—it is possible.🧚‍♀️💓

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      1. Yes, yes! And we must open our hearts each moment anew and try and try again for healing for all of us. I love the interspersing of nature, os beautifully done 🦋💝🧚‍♀️

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  1. This hurts my heart, Nina! I couldn’t help but get tears in my eyes watching the unrest, to see where our world is heading. I never thought I would personally see it come to outright disrespect for one another. So so sad!😭 My own personal view is all lives matter! If we can’t get along down here, we won’t be able to in heaven. Because there won’t be any room for who’s right and who’s wrong there…because there will only be “right” and prace and joy there for all God’s children-red, yellow, black and white-ALL precious in His sight!
    Thanks for sharing this! I pray for our world, our families and for love to saturate us all!
    Loved the butterfly! And all the other peaceful ones in between this video. The butterfly looks like the one I’ve been seeing here! I got a pic of it, but not a good one…will post…
    How are you, my friend?


    1. Aw sweet Renee—it hurts my heart too—and yet I think that is exactly what we need sometimes to overcome these difficult times. They’ve been going on for so long now! And if we could get along here—it would be heaven on earth…until then, we can start by showing our own selves more kindness. If we can truly learn to love ourselves—maybe we can learn to love our neighbors as ourselves.

      I like the vision of love saturating us all—like hot fresh bread and butter! Nourishing. Satisfying…

      The yellow swallow tail is Oregon’s state insect. Quite a sight. Yesterday I saw two butterflies on that same plant…then they started fighting—no joke…resources. Ah well. Such is nature!

      Thank you for sharing your love, thoughts and prayers here, sweet friend. The disrespect we are seeing now is sad—but it’s also an opportunity to shine God’s love even more! If the world is heading off course—be the lighthouse! Stay the course.
      And as for me—I am happy to have a sound mind in a sound body! I woke up breathing today.💓🤗

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      1. Renee I always love it when you visit. 🥰. I’m sitting there right with you! Isn’t this the whole teaching of the Master? Loving our neighbor as ourselves? Loving ourself as if we are someone who loves us. Yes, a lifelong journey—with new discoveries along the way! Sending you lots of love, sweet friend💓💓💓


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