The Queen’s Gardener Chapter 3: The Lie

June 15, 2020

Continued from Chapter 2

The Lie.

No one knew for sure from whence the lie came—

Dark whispers on the wind.

You will never be good enough…you are nothing…you are rotten to the core…”

But once accepted into the hearts and minds of the people–

Violence began to spread throughout the Kingdom.

The Queen, disheartened upon hearing the sad news from the North, sent for the King’s guardsmen.

“Who will protect the King’s lands now that darkness and chaos have come once again to destroy the entire nation?”

All the King’s guardsmen stepped forward, bowed to the Queen Mother and with one resounding voice, “I will.”

The Queen, broken-hearted to see such sad days befall her people, but pleased to see that not all was lost, rose to her feet, and standing tall with the guardsmen:

“You will be remembered for your courage and dignity and for upholding the truth even in the face of this terrible lie. You are My children, well loved and cherished. Go now, fulfill the oath to your King, and come home soon that you may tell us all about it.”

To be continued…


Author: NZain


24 thoughts on “The Queen’s Gardener Chapter 3: The Lie”

    1. Ha! You don’t trust the men in any of my stories, Nour. But yes—I agree with you—darkness (and in this case the darkness is self—doubting…self-hating) can infiltrate the strongest of minds—just look around today…

      It was not in my story-line a guardsmen will betray the Queen—interesting thought, but too pedestrian, don’t you think? You almost expect it. Bad guard.

      I’m actually leaning more towards the toddler girl in the story (see chapter one)—enter stage right—Winter Lore Dennington (remember?) as the one who encounters the dark side and has to face now the choice…

      You already wrote your story of Ward dying and how Jasmine deals with his death. 👍. This I want to read more of from you three!

      So…the child has a tough choice to make now—her own guardsmen father is deployed to the insurrection…and gets ambushed. Harsh, right? She learns the meaning of “hate” for the first time. But, she also hears other stories too…

      Hey I’m glad you’ve got some time off now to help me write this story. I value your input. 💓


      1. I don’t trust anyone 😂😂 Mhm, lots of real-life examples.

        Hmmm it might be predictable, I guess. I don’t trust the Queen though.

        Interesting. Winter Lore Dennington…sounds eerily familiar 😂😂 Such a mysterious girl.

        I’m afraid Jasmine is to be forgotten for now. Maybe later :3

        If hate prospers, so will love. So, it’s okay.

        Always 🖤


      2. Treat everyone the same—like a spy. Ha! What is it about the Queen you don’t trust?

        “if hate prospers, so will love…” dang! 🙈.


      3. You always give me so much to think about, Nour! Of course this is all metaphors and allegory. The deeper meanings meant to be found not so much in the words themselves…
        What is Ikr?


    1. I’m glad you like this, Suzanne. Thank you for the encouragement. I wrote chapter 1– then everything happened. Chapter 2 took a while and now this story seems to be writing itself! I’m also interested to see where it goes…

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    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Lance. I started to write this story before the riots. Now, the story is beginning to take on life of it’s own. “spellbinding mystery” is exactly how I would describe this human experience.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Always… you’re very welcome, Nina. You are a virtuoso of intrigue, and with your story beginning to take on a life of its own, the plot will definitely thicken!


      2. It seems to me that what is happening on a collective level is happening on a personal level as well. Divided we fall. Some say we are heading for another civil war. A tug-of-war between chaos and order. Deception and truth. The lie begins within ourselves.

        It’s difficult to admit our own past mistakes—bloody difficult to admit our family’s…and yet—it also seems to me it is the only way to move forward—as painful as it may be. As many mean-spirited people as there are in the world—I still think there are more kind-hearted ones…looking for other kind allies.

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      3. A civil war if there is no positive change in government this November. Before the election however, we, as a nation, must continue to strive towards racial equality. Make changes to law enforcement. It really is now, or never.
        Without admission of guilt, or mistakes, one will never change for the better. It must be one foot forward, but no steps back. They’ll always be that, the kindhearted ones. Maybe more will come forward if they’re less afraid to do so!


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