The Queen’s Gardener: Part 1–The Journey

May 29, 2020

A new story inspired by YOU…

The Queen’s Gardener Part 1.

…And on that day, the child now

Quite old enough to be

Properly introduced to

The Queen Mum–danced gleefully,

“Today I shall visit the Queen and have tea in Her garden, Mummy!”

“Yes, you shall indeed.” Smiled Mummy.

And so, all buttoned

Up. The small girl made her way—out

The front door—and all alone

England…somewhere in time.

To the back gate (for it really wasn’t so very far) via

The Queen’s Secret Garden

To meet

The Queen








Mummy, with a hug and a tear letting go the small girl’s hand,

Goodbye, Dear! Take

Good care, my Love–and please (swear watch over her)

Be aware

My Darling…come home soon my child and

Tell me all about it.”

And with a flick and a wave of her tiny hand, the child called back, “See you soon, Mummy!”

To be continued…

–NZain 💓

Author: NZain


20 thoughts on “The Queen’s Gardener: Part 1–The Journey”

      1. Hi Steve—it’s been a bit of a weird week around here, my apologies for the late response. Enjoying your story very much! Makes me giggle! Enjoy your evening! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Muffin and Mr. Cat are getting along well, maybe too well, she’s not thinking about the case! Of course, there’s not really much to think about, it’s kind of weird anyway! Oh well. Nice to know you are enjoying it so far! Severe storms for 2 days now and raining at the moment. We have had over 8 inches of rain so far. But at least we missed the large hail and tornadoes.😳🙀

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