Hope and Pretty Dresses

April 25, 2020

I held Hope, a tiny mustard seed,

But it fell through my fingers onto the ground

And sprouted…

What good are pretty dresses still wrapped in tissue

Or pretty words left unspoken?

We started the war

And now

We don’t know


To make peace.

So we say nothing to each other,

Put on our dirty work clothes

And complain to ourselves



Doing the thing

We know

Is right while

Waiting for the other person

In the room to show up

Wearing the pretty dress.

Maybe sometimes

The best thing to do



Maybe, the only thing we can do is nothing– except

Let time pass and heal what wounds still remain.

Is there someone

Who has the answer?


All was silence

In the dark and

The mustard seed grew

And grew…

But it still wasn’t enough for the voracious appetite

Of the swarm

When they came unnoticed

And left us wondering

Now what?

How many times can we build it

Before they knock it down


And where did all my pretty words go…

I look to you for hope–

At least a smile—


You are also looking

To me.


This piece is about depression. Something I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember. But, it’s also about hope…and letting go.

Author: NZain


20 thoughts on “Hope and Pretty Dresses”

  1. This is beautiful. Indeed we are looking at each other for hope, hoping the other person will give us some words of hope. I’d like to think of hope as a smile. It doesn’t require effort and is always met with another smile. 🙂

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    1. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now…the frivolity of a pretty dress—and yet—the importance too. Something hopeful about it.
      Wishing you well, Gina🤗

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    1. Thanks, Steve…even when I’m writing about depression…sometimes it gets me down—and I have to get down on the ground…and pull weeds…until I can pull myself up again. Sigh. 😌
      Hope you are also having a great day too! I’ll be by for a visit—gotta know what’s happening in the old stone house!

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      1. Yes, I know the feeling. Pulling those weeds is a necessity, and getting up again too, not always easy.
        It’s always a great day, but sometimes it’s hard to feel it, like today. I just have so much to do, but health is preventing me from doing it and I’m just getting too far behind.😕
        The Stone House story is sort of up in the air right now!😂😹😳🙀🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️🏡✈

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