If I Were to Die Today. A Love Song ❤️

March 27, 2020

This song, sung in a Patsy Cline sort of soulful country twang way, is about a break down in communication between lovers, things left unsaid, and the inevitable.

If I were to die today

What would I leave behind?

What memories would you have of me

What secrets would you find?

I’ll write it in a love letter and

Hide it in a book–

Place it on a shelf, my Love

Where I know one day you’ll look…

Don’t be afraid.

Say what’s on your mind.

Share what’s in your heart.

One day it may be too late.


Author: NZain


29 thoughts on “If I Were to Die Today. A Love Song ❤️”

      1. The cases of infected people are climbing, there have been deaths. Queensland borders have now been closed. It has been recommended that we all need to stay at home unless absolutely essential to go out. I am doing best to stay safe and well and I hope you are too.

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      2. Yes, it’s the same here too. More infected, more deaths. Stay at home unless essential…even still, we have to hope for the best outcome. There are so many who are working hard to keep the rest of us safe—we owe it to them to stay away and stay safe ourselves. The best is all we can do. 🙏🏻


  1. Ooh, Patsy Cline, I feel the soulfulness in your writing. The thoughts left behind could be anything… 💖🎶
    I learned a long time ago, if you have something beautiful to say, say it while you can. Sometimes the moment still gets away from me. But I do try.🌷 🥰🦋

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  2. Lately, i was thinking of it. Somehow a coincidence ! Two, three days ago ! I, first, started with my books : “What will happen to them ?” “I should better write down a will” i said. I’ll go naked ! Then, i thought of some hidden letters in the books !… haha… Love letters ! Wonderfully written ! A world of feelings ! And many more !

    Wonderful poem, dear, cause it’s real ! Thank you. Liked and shared !


    1. “I’ll go naked” hahaha. You can always make me chuckle Outosego.

      Wow you were also thinking this too—we are thinking alike, eh?
      I’m glad you like these love songs, dear. Your words of encouragement and support are greatly appreciated…and the best therapy too!

      May we continue to laugh and see the humor in all this wonderful existence!

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      1. I understand. My heart also hurts. And sometimes, it’s funnier in my head, but then gets lost in translation. Better I stick with poetry. Ha! But still, we do our best cause what else is there? And I’ll go naked too! Definitely.

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      2. I love poetry, dear ! I like your writing style, also. The reader of the future will be able to discover poems of yours and stories in my “Stories” and “poetry in blogs” magazines. Saved for the reader of the future, dear !

        Soul groups -not same generation anymore, they’ve changed it… haha…- flying over the earth naked ! What an image ! Naked Light Spheres of Awareness ! I’ll ask Silver Surfer to bring me back, next time, as a musician or a magician. I’ll ask him not to change the memory chip. I want to be able to remember and to recognize !

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      3. You honor me. I am touched by your kindness. It’s all yours! Have it! Free!

        What an image indeed! Haha! Musician or magician—wonderful! I would like to try again…but I don’t want to remember. I’d like to forget. There’s so much I’d like to forget, start over again from scratch. Do things differently. Listen more carefully next time…maybe I will read my own poetry in the future but I won’t know it’s me—maybe then I’ll learn something from it. That would be weird.
        I like Silver Surfer. I like Shiva too.
        To Naked Light Spheres of Awareness everywhere! Goodnight, Outosego. See you next time.

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