A Cup of Gratitude ☕️

March 24, 2020

Grateful for waking up this morning

Grateful for our ability to connect with others around the world

Grateful for all the bloggers who post positive messages on WP

Grateful for a hot cup of tea




Author: NZain


21 thoughts on “A Cup of Gratitude ☕️”

      1. Something so basic—our need for connection to one another—stripped away at a time when we were on the verge of destroying ourselves and our country. Quite an awesome thing really. I am grateful for our government—all the branches. You stay safe and healthy too. Country needs you.

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      1. Yes😊…I’m just now writing something to this effect—and your words make me smile. Have a bluetiful day! Bluetiful comes up now on my autocorrect. Must be a word. 🦋. Are you still napping peacefully in your lotus flower? Sweet dreams…

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  1. Very good Nina! We need to be grateful each and every day. So much to be grateful for as well, we could make a long list. Thanks for sharing this Nina and I am truly grateful that you are here!😁😸😻And Muffin is grateful for Mr Cat!

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