Shattered Chapter 5: The Darkest Hour Before the Dawn

March 20, 2020

In the darkest hour before the dawn

She wonders as she always has

Who would do such a thing?

Why so much anger?

Dry your tears little girl

He is not coming back.

She asked all the wrong questions and she knew it.

Loving someone with addictions

(Itself an addiction) may just be

The darkest expression of the human condition.

And. Completely. Impersonal.

This has nothing to with you. Accept this. Now.

Right now before you let another day slip by wondering

All the wrong questions. Again.

And the urge to help someone, to “fix” them–

Is itself only one more fix that never can satisfy

Never fill the ache

In your heart. Understand

Hope is just a hook to keep you sedated one more day.

You are the drug.

And you must quit or be consumed.

“He is a decent man” she thinks to herself.

Yes. A part of the divine.

“And he is hurting inside.”

Yes. This is also true.

“My heart is breaking.”


“Are you still there?” she says aloud. “Whoooo!” cries the owl.

He stirs from his sleep

“What time is it?”

“Time for us to talk. There is something I need to ask you…”


Author: NZain


9 thoughts on “Shattered Chapter 5: The Darkest Hour Before the Dawn”

      1. That’s right! We can connect with energy anywhere. Even in a small room, with just focus on the passage of the breath. Or online friends. 😊 🙏💜

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