15 thoughts on “Contented to Stay at Home and Recover.😷”

      1. It takes lot of time and passion to complete a mosaic but… look at the result, it worths every second spent on every little piece.

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      2. Thanks for the smiles, J! Just what the doctor ordered. Ok, now I’m going to pick up the pieces of my heart and find some glue….


    1. We had it several weeks backβ€”mild symptoms but enough to stay home and stay away from others. Much better now…but still staying home as much as possible. Heck I try and do that anyway! Glad you liked my little arts and crafts stay at home rainy/sick day project. 😷

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      1. Yep, I’m a stay at home type myself, except for wandering through the forest to the river. So staying at home now really doesn’t affect me much.😁 Lack of food on the other hand…πŸ€”
        Yep, very nice indeed!

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