Staying Inspired While Staying Isolated.

March 15, 2020

Storm clouds will come…

and so will rainbows.

Reaching out from our little hermitage with a long-distant hug. We are all in this together and I am hopeful brighter days are ahead, even while storm clouds gather. Time will pass.

Take care of yourselves and loved ones…



Author: NZain


13 thoughts on “Staying Inspired While Staying Isolated.”

    1. J, there is always something that wants to kill us—disease, famine, each other…and in the end life—life IS fatal. We should always be prepared for death.
      Take care of ourselves—our health is precious.

      Here in America we’ve been at each other’s throats forcing ideologies down in a way that we haven’t seen before—and I’ve only been told about by my immigrant grandmother.

      So much spiriti cattivi! It’s heartbreaking. So much mancanza di rispetto. Are these the right words? You understand, J.

      So, if this pandemic is what humanity needs to come together—God bless us! And forgive us. And to those for whom death comes—God’s peace. May we all learn humility and compassion for one another. 😊

      And yes J you said it so well. We are stronger than this so…sii allegro cuore! 💓


      1. Right words, I mean ALL of them 😁
        It seems to me that yours is a message of acceptance and how can I disagree.
        You’re suggesting to learn something from every situation that life offers, this is a simple but great advice at same time.
        Take care all of you out there, siate forti e siate positivi!


      2. Ooh I’m going to say that all the time now—siate forti e siate positivi!
        So beautiful the Latin languages. All of them.

        Yes! “Shattered Chapter 1” is titled “Acceptance”. Only when we accept the situation as it is—not as we think it should be—can we change the way we see it. Capisici? 🙃🤸 And as I see it, you said it:

        impara qualcosa da ogni situazione. And way better than I can! That’s fast pronounced. I had to listen many times to hear ‘da ogni’. The g is silent, yes?

        See? Even here is an opportunity to learn. So, if tomorrow I am gone—remember this, J…dove non è Dio? 😇😈

        Dante at the Gates of Hell is told by Virgil to “take heart and be of good cheer!” That is hardcore!

        “Siate Forti e Siate Positivi!” 💓


      3. Latin languages have some kind of nice musicality but are difficult to learn with lot of grammar rules. We have a ‘strong’ and a ‘light’ G and C. In “Ogni” the G is light, “GN” sounds like a spanish “Ñ” in piña colada.
        I’ll try to keep with me the advices you’re sharing. Grazie 🙏

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  1. Staying pretty much isolated in place here in America. Being retired, I don’t really have to go anywhere, except for quick and cautious trips out for groceries. I feel for people being laid off from work and the financial hardships on small businesses. There is “real” agony here (the silent yet accurate measure of the virus’ economic impact.


    1. I just now watched the latest press briefing with President Trump and staff. They are all working so hard—it gives me goosebumps! To think how much our country has gone through politically—tearing each other up…now we have no choice but to work together. It’s going to hard economically, but I remain hopeful that after the dust settles—good things will come to all. 🙏🏻


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