24 thoughts on “A RainyDay Video: “Song for a Friend” by ‘Miss Communication’”

    1. Oh good the video worked! Thank you, Narine for taking the time to listen—I wasn’t sure if it would play. Yes. That’s my voice. I need to practice my “s” sounds

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  1. Oh wow… you singing, how lovely… 💖 I’ll be coming back here tomorrow to have a listen. (I have no headphones handy and it’s quiet time in the household – just before bedtime, so can’t put volume on :))… 😘🎶

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      1. Hey Nina. I always love hearing blogger-friends’ voices. This is a beautiful slide show and song. I hope you tell us more about it. Did you write it? I’m guessing the gorgeous photos are yours as well. Much love to you, multitalented creative beauty. xoxoxo

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      2. Out in the garden picking weeds and photographing raindrops, thinking about a friend—inspired. Simple words simple tune. Heartfelt gratitude for all of existence. Birds were singing…

        I just read your post “Inksea”. I’m not the only one having these same thoughts, eh? But it’s so true! Easy for our words to be misconstrued. Oh that Miss Communication! But she tries. 😊
        Thank you for taking the time to listen, Nadine your love and kind words are much appreciated here—always! 💓

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