Dreaming of Summertime in the Garden…🔮

December 27, 2019

Brighter days are ahead–just around the corner. Are you ready? There is work to do, but today the ground is frozen, so I will keeping dreaming…

If today you struggle with fear, uncertainties and self-doubt–keep struggling! I know it may sound crazy, but it is in the struggle–the fight to keep pushing through self-limitations–that growth happens. Just ask the butterfly or the dragonfly.

Ask anyone who has struggled to grow up. Ask me how I know. 😉

Today, I have a heart-full of gratitude for all the kind people in my life who told me “don’t give up”. They were right. Ask for God’s blessings. (No joke!) What have you got to lose except fear, uncertainties and self-doubt. And who needs those anyway?


NZain 💓

Author: NZain


21 thoughts on “Dreaming of Summertime in the Garden…🔮”

  1. Wonderfully said Nina and so very true!! And such great pictures to go along with your words of encouragement too! Must admit, that top photo is a beautiful dream indeed. I hope you have a great weekend ahead Nina!😁😸🌞⛄


  2. Such incredible photos and inspiring words. It is ok to struggle, yes. When we struggle against struggling, then we double up on the emotion we’re struggling with. Wishing you restful and wonderful holiday season beautiful friend 💓🌺🌸


    1. Ah I’ve started to miss you, dear Rachel. Then I see you again, and it’s like no time has passed. I too hope you are peaceful and enjoying this sacred time. Surrender to the struggle…🦋

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      1. That is such good advice Nina. And to be perfectly honest, exactly what I need to hear. I have had a good Christmas but also have a very full mind and heart at the moment.. thank you, I needed this post today ❤️


  3. dreaming, struggling, not giving up – words that make all the difference when there’s hope mixed in melting pot. love the photos, but I am still a winter mad woman, no amount of sunshine will make me forsake the beauty of ice and snow! HAHA! thank you for such a beautiful and encouraging post.


    1. Exactly! It’s not enough to just dream…we have to take action too—to me symbolized by the caterpillar becoming the butterfly or the water nymph breaking through its own body to become a dragonfly. And not all make either—just the harsh reality—but still we have to do what is necessary to transform. Also symbolized in Christ on the cross. The process may be horrific but, the rewards are awesome! Thank you for reading, Mr. B. I won’t soon forget you.😊

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