26 thoughts on “White Is His Favorite.🥛”

    1. Now I’m laughing…
      And now after watching this video again—whew! What this would feel like to see live performance! Such incredible force. I want to watch again…
      Wow. Ooh I’m inspired now…
      Peace to you, dear friend Outosego. I’m glad to have met you here on WP—freedom of speech is a beautiful blessing. NZain aka Nina.

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  1. Glad you liked it dear friend. Merry Christmas to you—already the days are getting brighter, no? January 7 we celebrate Ukrainian Christmas—a gift from the Greeks. 😊
    I’m sorry, this link won’t open—but I see the sentiment and I am sincerely touched. I do love the carol of the bells.

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  2. A beautiful post that is fitting for the season. The last pic with the greeting is perfect! Wishing you plenty of holiday cheer and goodwill.


    1. Merry Christmas to you too, dear friend! The orchid looked to me like a bird. And yes, the expression on the statue caught my attention—found her in a shopping center in Kauai—part of a koi pond. Something about her raised eyebrows…

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