21 thoughts on “Pink is Her Favorite Color🌸”

  1. Wow, another fantastic group Nina! You are amazing with that camera of yours! I just got a new camera but having some trouble figuring it out. Hopefully by spring I will know how to use it properly. Sigh.


    1. Oh cool Steve! what camera did you get?
      Thank you. It’s just a lot of practice—looking through the lens and then editing and lots and lots of deleting. It’s good color therapy for me. Something nice too about sharing photos too…you understand. 😊

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      1. It’s a Canon EOS Rebel T7. I’m not sure if it’s me or the camera, but a little red light comes on periodically and shuts the camera down. Very annoying. Guess I will have to check online and find out what’s going on. Sigh. Technology and me…just don’t get along sometimes.😂🙄


      2. Sweet! I just looked at it online. So cool just how far the technology has come. I wonder about the red light…hmmm. Yes, sometimes technology can be difficult to get along with…best of luck! Look forward to seeing what you capture🙈

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      3. It is a nice camera, does much better in low light than my other camera. I need to get a telephoto lens and macro lens for it. The auto focus seems a bit slow. I have just been taking pics of different things, nothing special yet. I did get a couple nice pics of a deer. I used my old camera too and compared the deer pics, the new camera was better. Seems that red light comes on when the camera gets too hot while using the lcd monitor for taking pics. So it shuts down until it cools. That part is annoying. I will try just using the viewfinder and see if it makes a difference. Aside from that I really like it.😀📷

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