33 thoughts on “More Strange Random Pictures.🙃”

  1. Here is perfect grace!


    American Spirit…it’s just another form of Human Spirit, and we all have that.

    Thanks for the blessing today!

    Love in Spirit.


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  2. Thanks for sharing a bit of the world awe and wonder that you’ve captured. Thanks for the positive thoughts for we Americans. Personally, I don’t like the man – but, for me, today is a sad day.


    1. Haha…yeah…but I like Shiff even less especially after listening to him speak today about how much he ‘cares for Ukraine’. Uhhg. Ah well…this all had to come to pass one way or another. I’m not disheartened…actually quite hopeful.
      So be of good cheer! But tell me, Frank, why does this make you personally sad?

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      1. Some cheer the impeachment and others are angered. They are the partisans. Impeachment has only happened 3 times in US history – and one didn’t happen because the president resigned before being impeached. To me, it’s a sad day for a nation and it’s people. Plus, I am very unhappy with Congress. We simply are a very divided nation that has become more divided – and I don’t see an end in sight. Leaders should be uniters – not dividers – and currently leadership continually promoting division. Historians say we have the most division since our Civil War – and (barring a tragic national disaster) that’s where I see it going.


      2. Unfortunately, I totally agree with you. The division has been coming for a while now. Really started to see it clearly with Obama as they kept leaning further left and people seemed to become more and more bitter. Very sad.

        To me, it’s like a fever that needs to run its course. We are already at war—I just hope it stays within the Twitter sphere and doesn’t spill out into the streets. I don’t think it will…one side has the guns and aren’t giving them up to the other side.

        Even if people don’t like the man, I contend he did more for Ukraine in the past six months than any president has ever! I know, sounds crazy, but I would say it under oath. Good things are coming…keep positive.

        Thanks for the dialogue, Frank! 😊

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  3. Beautiful pictures Nina! That’s a great spider, have never seen one before. But if he was inside my place he wouldn’t be smiling! Outside I don’t mind, spiders are quite fascinating. Sorry it took me a while to get here, it’s been an up and down kind of day. Enjoy your evening. My favorite is the first pic! Almost missed that little critter.😄😸📷⛄


    1. Oh goodness, Steve you know you don’t ever have to apologize like that to me! And you know I’ll always let you know if I’ve posted something you might miss out on! Heehee. But I always appreciate your support here and your smiles too! Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, spiders in the house—nope!
      See ya next time! 🙈

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      1. Hi Nina! I tried writing a spider poem this morning while having coffee, didn’t really come out quite the way I wanted though. Might post it as is anyway, usually when I try to rewrite something I just make it worse.😂😹🙄Hope you have a great day!😁😸⛄⛄


      2. Whew. Ok, got it saved now. That was really weird…hmmm. They must be on to me muwahahaha…
        Ok, I’m off for the evening. Will see ya next time, Steve! Watch out for mice!🐁

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      3. No no! Not the problem at all. It was the right link—just WP acting funny. But I’ve got it now👍
        Found myself the other day while chipping out broken old concrete flooring—humming along….mice are running La la la…whistle while you work. Teehee.😊

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      4. Hey, that’s a great way to do it! Going to be a nice weekend, 30 today and 35 tomorrow! Hard to believe it’s possible, those numbers had a – in front of them just a few days ago!😲😀 Enjoy your weekend Nina! Do you ever get snow?🤔


      5. We have snow forecast for tomorrow. Yay! Haha. I know crazy crazy crazy…
        Hubby and I just discussing our game/work plan for today. It’s a brick building and there are some good size cracks that need fixing—properly. Ever use ‘self-leveling cement’? It’s really cool how it works. Mix it up thin, pour it on the floor—and stand back and watch. Neat stuff!

        I was playing on the keyboard this morning with ‘mice’…teehee…😊🐁🙃

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      6. No snow in our forecast for the rest of the year, except some flurries one day. With some melting tomorrow it will mean a lot of ice the following day, not looking forward to that.😬😬
        Yep, I have used that cement, great stuff and easy to use.
        Hope you have a good day working and playing with mice.😂😹🐁


    1. Aw thanks Watt! Happy faced spiders make me smile. I don’t want them in our house—but when I see them outside—I do get excited. Hmm…I’ll have to post more spiders then. Teehee. 😊

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