Spoken Word with Steve, Muffin and Mr Cat.

December 17, 2019

Hello! I am delighted to present another Spoken Word, this time with Steve and Muffin from Steve’s Country. A great place to relax and laugh with friends and cup of coffee! Check out Steve’s beautiful nature photography…and more.

“Cats and Mice…a fun poem” is a charming tale of two internet cat buddies, Muffin and Mr. Cat; and mice who are throwing a party.

Thank you, Steve for your kindness, friendship and fun blog! Mr. Cat purrs his appreciation.😻




Author: NZain


28 thoughts on “Spoken Word with Steve, Muffin and Mr Cat.”

  1. Wonderfully done Nina, I just love that!! And Muffin is here on my lap, she was sleeping but woke up when she heard your voice and listened intently through the whole poem! I loved her laugh too, fantastic. Thank you so much for doing this Nina, what a great start to my day!! I hope you have a wonderful day! It’s -30F here this morning!😂😹😻

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    1. Aww. I’m glad you two enjoyed this. Sure was fun for me as well. Good not to take ourselves too seriously—and laugh a bit, eh? I hope this collaboration inspires more creativity and fun!
      -30F? Oh goodness that is difficult to comprehend. How do the little birds survive? Good thing they have you there to feed them. Yes, today is a wonderful day, indeed.💓😊💓

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      1. I always like to laugh at myself and all the weird things that happen to me at times. I need to start sharing more of those again soon. Have you seen my other mouse poems?
        Yes, that is a cold temp and a strong wind too. One reason why I love the little chickadees and nuthatches, they can survive our bitter winters even though so tiny. Unfortunately a lot do die over winter at times when food is scarce. This year the natural food supply is very good, the most likely reason for not many birds showing up at my feeder this year. I hope more will start to show up in the new year.
        It’s barely noon and I already overdid it today. Sigh. I don’t learn easily it seems.😕😳😂😹

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  2. Reblogged this on Steve`s Country and commented:
    Hello everyone on this sunny and very cold day here at Steve’s Country!  I have something here that’s a little different for today.  It’s a collaboration between my good friend Nina and myself.  Nina took my poem “Cats and Mice” and really made it come alive in her video.  Please do take a look at this, I know you will greatly enjoy it!

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      1. Oh now you done it! Gone made me all teary-eyed…you are welcome. 🙏🏻 How do I explain just how healing this is for me? The joy of sharing—and it being received…I’m all smiles. 😍

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      2. You also brought a lot of smiles to this guy. Sitting in this chair day after day has it’s down moments, but today you made it a very bright day indeed!🌞😎 Thank you for that.😁😸Now for another poem…


    1. Oh I’m glad you think so too, Renee. I can totally see Steve’s poems made into children’s bedtime stories. They are so much fun to read/sing aloud! I hope we get to do another one…😊


  3. i can feel the laughter in your voice, this is like a child’s good night story, I loved it so much! your voice is like tinkling crystals, oh I am gushing, excuse me please! The poem is delightful, a little story that needs to become one more! well done you two!!


    1. Gina, gushing is wonderful! Thank you for your kind words—‘tinkling crystal’…this I am going to keep with me always.
      Steve does write so sweetly—children’s bedtime stories, a lullaby—exactly my thoughts. This brought me so much joy to read. Healing on many levels. I do hope to be asked again to read another poem—the challenge is deeply humbling and rewarding.

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      1. i can see how it has that healing effect and you do it so really very well, like getting into a character of the poem. I will be eager to hear the next one you are invited to read, goosebumpy indeed!


      2. Thank you, Gina. Yes, getting into the character for sure! These poems touch me deeply and bring up emotions. Each poet/poetess is unique in what they offer… Rachel brings out the romantic in me. Steve gets me giggling. Your words make me reflect…and there are so many others I admire. How can I through my voice (and music/ pictures) convey these feelings? It’s kind of intimate in a way—I feel the responsibility. And I’m still learning—this is awesome practice for me! So I really appreciate all the feedback. Thank you!

        And so…as the spirit moves—I am open to invitations…let nature work…it is humbling and an honor. And fun too!

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      3. I agree, so many writers amaze me and a few are firm favourites that speak in different ways as you mentioned. I am humbled by your words about my writing, I am so happy it gives you a moment of pause. The work you do in bringing the words to life requires not just effort and practice but opening yourself up to what the poet really wants to say, that is your gift. I know you will continue to bless all of us with this special talent.


      4. Gina, your words touch me deeply. Thank you for the encouragement and kindness…and especially for the moments of pause, early in the morning in the garden. 💓

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    1. Hi Steve! Of course it would be ok—it’s yours! Been a little crazy here—but I’m back. Putting the final touches on your next poem video. I’d like to post tomorrow and start off the new year. It really is fun working with your words, Steve. Thank you for all your kind words.😊🌞

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      1. Thanks Nina! This poem will be my final post for the year, just thought it would be so fitting to end the year with this poem video. New things coming tomorrow and through the month. I had to make some changes to what I had planned, but that’s okay, maybe it will be better this way. I’m eagerly waiting for this next one! And if there is any of my poems you would like to work with, please feel free to do so! This is an open invitation, anytime! I would feel very honored indeed! Enjoy your day Nina!😃😺⛄🌲


      2. You are welcome, Steve. And thank you for the open invitation—I see how you are trying to keep me blogging—teehee. Your poems have a wonderfully lyrical flow to them—and that makes them super fun!
        Speaking of plans…oh boy! Haha! Yes, sometimes plans have a mind of their own!
        Ok, off to fix cracks….
        See you soon! 🙃

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