My Testimony Part 3. “…are we there yet?”

December 7, 2019

If I tell you the truth

As it was told to me

You will say:


Too hard is the truth to see with open eyes.

So I paint you a poem that

You may


With an open heart.

They came in the night; unprepared

were we. With only a promise in hand; we

had to flee. To ANOTHER’S land where WE

could be free. In GOD we trusted our Liberty.

We know now is the time to face the injustice and insanity…

Our accusers met on a field by Thee lain.

Atonement for the lives of the innocent slain.

(Dear God have mercy on those who believe in your promise to return in OUR darkest hour of need. Fulfill your promise and teach us again of JOY! And LAUGHTER…Restore the glory of YOUR KINGDOM on Earth as it is in Heaven...but first, there was a

war in Heaven.)

First, They took my husband and our four sons; in a river of blood

Drowned. Just like in “old Pagan days”

Baptism by



and I AM a jealous God”

Was what their book said.

“Nothing will save you”

Said the poet.

And Loki thought to himself:

(I will teach them to hate one another…that through their own understanding they may come to know love.)

Next, They raped our daughters so that in shame we would live long lives to tell our stories one-by-one of how we survived by treachery, lies and depravity.

A broken spirit dies not, but waits–longing–to tell HER tale.

And I,


Alone survived;

Devoured my unborn-child to be born once again.

Do you understand?

Plain English cannot fathom

The depths of heart-ache

For those whom life was taken away…

Only in song.

The Anguish of a Nation

Left to rot in the fields…

Bone, blood and tears

Fertilize and revitalize

The Earth.

Love will make her moist…again.

The lie They would have me believe

On my Grandmother’s grave–I cannot.

Our future is tied together.

United States. Ukraine. Russia.


Will WE see

Eternal Peace?


Scorched Earth.

The choice is always ours to make.



Author: NZain


15 thoughts on “My Testimony Part 3. “…are we there yet?””

  1. Wonderfully written Nina, that is very deep, down to the heart and from the heart. I do hope we see, and not repeat the horror that was. We can work together, live together and have peace together. I pray that we do. I imagine it wasn’t easy to write, but I’m sure glad you did so. We need to hear these things to help us so we can grow and go the right way. Well done Nina, thanks for this reminder. Oh my, I truly hate to see you leave here, you have so much to offer to us. I pray you will be back again. Thank you for all your help! Have a wonderful weekend Nina!🙂😺☃🎄

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This is so very sweet and kind of you, Steve. You are right—we can work together and have peace together…and yes, this wasn’t easy to write—but also cathartic too. Like a splinter coming out.
      Thank you for the prayers. I don’t know yet what comes next—but I will still visit…


  2. Wow Nina, I’m sorry I had missed this. So incredibly powerful – if only people could understand and have compassion for everyone. If only love not hate was used to unite

    I loved these words

    “So I paint you a poem that
    You may
    With an open heart.”

    This is exactly what you did. ❤️❤️ xoxox


    1. Yep. You said it. “If only Love was used to unite…” but so often it’s just the opposite. Sigh…ah well, maybe one day we will learn from our mistakes. Until then, we keep hoping…and writing🤗😘🤗😘

      Liked by 1 person

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