My testimony. Part 1 🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️🇺🇦❤️🇷🇺🙏🏻

December 4, 2019

Growing up American, the daughter of Slavic immigrants, (we called ourselves “Ukie”) I learned Ukrainian as a child. But not as a child would…

A long convoluted story cut short–I began again with the help of the internet–to learn Ukrainian by translating my poetry. And, as Ukraine has a long history of poets, I feel right at home.

Of course, I make mistakes. I am still learning.

This piece is from an earlier collection I wrote for my Russian brothers (and sisters too!) It is a call for reconciliation of the past and hopes of a brighter future for our children. A prayer for peace. World peace.

Maybe it hurts. Maybe it helps. I hope it heals. I am forever grateful to my family for what they sacrificed–so I can now freely speak.

I am grateful and proud to be an American Ukie woman.

God bless our world leaders. Pray for America, Ukraine and Russia. Our future is tied together.

💓 NZain

PS. I will post the translation in the next post. Part 2.

Please forgive my errors. I am still learning. And practicing.

Song For My Unborn Child

пані америка

Ukie жінка

вродлива лековажна жінка

жалюгідна жінка

маленький метелик

моя душа українська страждає.

я не розумію чому ми воюємо.

вони схопили з ферма діда. вони спалили дім бабусі. вона плаче…

однак я не ненавиджу вас.

я твоя сестра!

ти пам’ятаєш наша червона кров наше походження змішалися разом завтовшки?

що шкодує.

може вода очистити нашу ганбу. і я можу назвіть вас моїм братом наново.

мир мир вічний мир.

Author: NZain


11 thoughts on “My testimony. Part 1 🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️🇺🇦❤️🇷🇺🙏🏻”

    1. Thank you, Rachel. It is important. Acknowledge the dark parts and hold onto the ideals. It’s who we are and how we’ve come to be. And we all have something unique and heartbreaking to share with each other—that we can learn from and pass on to the next generation.
      I love seeing you in your icon! Beautiful! Inside and out. 🤗🤗🤗

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  1. That was very beautiful Nina, even if I couldn’t understand it, the language is beautiful. I hope the next generation will learn from the past and not make a same mistakes. We do need to pray for our countries, our leaders, so much is at stake. Thanks so much for this Nina, looking forward to part 2. Have a wonderful day Nina!!😁😸☃🎄

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    1. Thanks Steve. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Ukrainian is a beautiful language—even if I’ve butchered it! Ha! Some of those letters are difficult for me to pronounce—like a tongue twister—but I keep trying. It’s a fun language to sing.

      Yes, I will make a translation, but for this post it was more important for me to just make the sounds and the feeling. Sadness, reconciliation, joy, hope…
      It is important for all of us to come to terms with our dark history—and our awesomeness too! Yes, it’s painful, but the only way to move forward.

      And you are right—so much at stake. What happened in the past should never have to happen again. Not if we can help it.

      And….Ukraine and Russia are about to begin talks (with France and Germany mediating—and of course America very much in the picture) so even more important for me to make this (my little part in the grand scheme) and put my prayers out into the world.

      A much brighter future is possible. Or not. I am hopeful—even as storm clouds gather—the sun will shine again. And so part two is coming…the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth—while I still have the freedom to speak the truth…

      You also have a wonderful day, Steve. I’m off to stock up the pantry before the next winter storm arrives tomorrow. All our snow melted, but more rains in the forecast.
      As always, I sincerely appreciate your company here. 😊

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  2. Ukrainian sounds so beautiful coming off your tongue. And translating poetry to learn a language sounds incredible! I once translated a song to Greek, and learned the Greek alphabet. It’s so much easier to learn things in ways that are eventful.


    1. Thank you, Watt. It is a beautiful language—already poetic. Some sounds are still difficult for me—bit of a tongue twister. The script—Cyrillic—came from Greek monk brothers.

      Very cool you translated a song to Greek! Did you publish it? And yes, I agree with you—“easier to learn”…and there is so much to learn! 😊

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  3. Such beautiful words coming from an inner beauty! Keep speaking and singing! We hear you! Prayers for the nations! Our world is in a fix that is on a continual spiral! I’m thankful we won’t have to live here forever! I look forward to heaven’s beauty one of these glad mornings! 🙂🤗💜


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