14 thoughts on “Words Elude Me Waltz”

    1. 🥰. Peace received and given, Cindy. I was sad that morning reading the news about kids who give up blah blah blah—and so I sat at the keyboard and played out my sadness. And you know what happened…cathartic.

      In my mind I envisioned a sad child dancing (waltzing) with a toy clown. Rather macabre yes, but that is how hopeless looks to me. It is a pretty tune though—and fun to play!

      I am so enjoying this emotional musical journey. I’ve got a new piece in the works now that I hope you will like. Something joyful…

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      1. Yes, Nina, I totally get playing out your sadness. It so cathartic. It’s like something inside of you shifts and gives you the strength to carry on. I celebrate your musical journey and I look very much forward to hearing more. Hugs!


      2. That is exactly what happened! I could hear the tune in my mind—heavy sadness. The more I played, the more it turned into beauty. Even in sadness—there is beauty. There is God even in sadness…if you just look. And sometimes you have to look inside.
        Yes! Stay tuned—I have to practice this one more…

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      3. …otherwise what’s the use? I would have given up years ago…
        Thank you for the dialogue, Cindy—I so appreciate your thoughts and perspectives. And your writings too!

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