25 thoughts on “Evolution Of The Glass Slipper”

    1. Anything that can channel the energy—“healing arts”. Crochet for me is meditative. Instead of words—I put my thoughts and visions into yarn and stitches. And of course—things don’t always come out as planned! I pull apart many projects and start over again again—but each time learning something new.

      Do you remember the piece I wrote about throwing the glass slippers into the fountain? And then we danced barefoot in the grass? 🤗. You were there too! 💘

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  1. Nice relaxing music Nina! I remember my grandmother crocheted some slippers for me when I was in my teens. My friends laughed at them, but I liked them, so nice and warm. The house we lived in at the time had such cold floors, so they were nice to have. Wish I still had them. Thanks for bringing back the memories. I hope your day is going well Nina!!😁😸❄⛄

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    1. Thank you for visiting, Michelle. And never a need to apologize. Are you enjoying your work? I’ll be by to visit you too. Your wonderful photos and words always inspire me. 😊


  2. Sorry have not been following for awhile…life kind of does that every so often keeping us busy and distracted from seeing the beauty all around us. I have been doing a lot of Person Centered work over the past year and one of the biggest take-aways that has helped keep me in the right perspective is:

    “It is only important for you, if it is important to you…” Many can tell you what is important for you in your life, but unless it is important to you…it doesn’t matter…

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    1. Oh sweet Ray. Never a need to apologize. Thanks for stopping by and for your wise words. True. If it’s important to you—it’s important. And there’s much that doesn’t matter—just distractions.
      Glad you are doing your work! Keep it up! Hugs to you and all the Ohana from us. 🤗💓🤗


      1. Love you folks…Have a Happy Thanksgiving! … BTW if you did not know… Megan is getting married next month! (Busy with that now…)


      2. Yay!! Congratulations to Megan! So happy for you folks. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. So much to be thankful for. So grateful for our friendship over the years—even though an ocean separates us—you are close to our hearts. 💓


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