October 27, 2019

You thought you were special; the

Chosen One.

Until you read a self-help book that said–

“We are everyone”.

And everyone who is in need of healing

Feeling broken-hearted; let’s

Get started. Now.

Before another life is lost tossed by

The wayside because somebody lied;

Hey kid try this. It will make you feel special.”

I know it’s just a dream; the

Problem too extreme

For anyone person to go alone.

We need each other.

My mother lost hope. She couldn’t

Cope with the horrors of life.

“Jesus!” She prayed, “take away my strife!”

And each year when in the clouds

Of glory the Christ did NOT appear–

She fell deeper into despair

For her family

She would no longer care…

MOM! Jesus showed us the way to The kingdom!

So did Buddha



Dante and every poet since

Who says don’t let your anger turn into bitterness.

Life is sweet. And

You are special…

And everyone who is in need of healing

Feeling broken-hearted; let’s

Get started. Now.

With love and gratitude,


Author: NZain


22 thoughts on “Special.”

  1. I loooooved this Nina! True, we are unique in some ways, but we do share those feelings of loneliness, od darkness, which is good. It helps us sympathise with others and humans can go insane if they are kept in solitude without anyone understanding them. Missed you my friend! Where have you been?


    1. Yes!! Exactly. Humans need to be understood. Glad you liked this, Nour.
      As for me—I got a nasty head cold which laid me out…then I started feeling sorry for myself which happens when I think too much about my mother…soooo I took a deep dive into the “Well of Inspiration” until these words came back up.

      And after a couple of very looonng heart to heart conversations with my husband—because we needed to heal some old wounds of ours—whew! It’s nice to be missed though, thank you. 🥰


  2. Certainly glad that you are back with us again Nina! I really missed all your encouragement and inspiration. This is truly a lovely poem with words of truth! Keep them coming Nina and enjoy your evening!😁😸⛄🌲


    1. Dang!!! You can always make me get teary-eyed and all choked up. If ever I’m not able to be here and you start to miss me and the encouragement (🙈 it is nice to be missed🥰) you know the sound of my voice now—just remember me singing…
      Oh goodness I sound just like my grandmother now. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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