9 thoughts on “Love Song For God.💓”

  1. That was simply wonderful Nina!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and encouragement! It is always such a blessing to me and especially right now. I have been having problems trying to get to your blog lately, finally had to go through someone else to get here. Now I have it bookmarked so should have no trouble now. Had that problem with a couple other blogs too, don’t know why. I hope you are having a wonderful day Nina!!😃😺🌞🍁🍂


    1. I’m glad to know you find these posts encouraging. Hmmm…wonder what’s up with my blog?? It’s imploding!! See? It’s time for me to finish this story and move onto something else. Enough about me already! Ha!

      But ya know—one of the sweetest things that’s happened here (besides you and Muffin😉) is the comments I get from people who had similar experiences with growing up in emotionally abusive homes. This is why I share my struggles—and it’s totally worth it!

      Some days it’s really tough for me to reconcile how any mother would be so cruel to her child. And then I read articles about the “damaging effects of emotional abuse into adulthood”…I’m sort of a mess. Admitting it is embarrassing. And at the same time—liberating too. I figure God still has a plan for me yet…but some days I feel like a great big wasteland that never reached her full potential…and how do I face God then? Ummm—sorry God…I know you gave me these talents to develop when I was a kid…but (what? I was too weak? Too angry? To beaten down? That’s my excuse?) here I am giving it my best now—cause it’s all I’ve got—and I want to make up for the many poor choices I made in life trying to find me. I don’t want to play victim anymore…I would like to know what “normal healthy” feels like. Emotional maturity. Has a nice ring to it, eh?

      Maybe I could have been a good mother and raised healthy kids. What a blessing that would have been! What a joy to encourage children to grow up and develop all their own passions and dreams…and show them all of this wonderful world—and snowflakes. And perhaps most importantly—teach them that despite all the mean-spirited people who would try and crush their dreams—it’s ok—they are loved beyond measure…keep striving keep practicing keep learning every day…give them ways to overcome their fears and build self confidence. And never ever mock them or humiliate them. Ever. Listen to them…

      So whoa—that was way more than I expected to write! Thank you for letting me be me—which is sometimes difficult. But at the same time—feels nice too. I appreciate your company, Steve and all the laughs too! I’ll check back in with you and Muffin in the morning. 😊


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