Useful Idiots: Useless Politicians

September 21, 2019

This piece is from an earlier collection:

If after this post you decide to ‘unfollow’ me for political reasons–I don’t take it personally.

If however, you are curious–please continue.

Several days ago, in our small town, I witnessed a young man yelling at an older man:

“Where do you get your information on the Left!”

“Where do you get your information on the Left!”

“Where do you get your information on the Left!”

Notice, this isn’t a question, but as I was speaking to the older man’s wife, I responded:

“From my grandmother.”

If you are unfamiliar with the history of genocide in the Ukraine–and I am guessing you aren’t–because it’s not something we learned in public school; here is a good place to start.

My grandmother learned the bitter truth of just how far the Left would go to achieve their vision of Utopia. She made sure I knew the truth of what happened, so as not to be deceived again–as they were.

It’s difficult to know for sure just how many people, Ukrainians and Russians alike, were killed during this ‘man-made famine’ of the Left’s design, but it’s estimated to be 7 to 10 million.

May the blood and bones of my ancestors

Nourish the land that was taken from them;

And may they finally

Rest In Peace.

May Justice and Freedom reign; and

God bless ALL the leaders of the still-free world.

May WE ALL finally

Rest In Peace.

With love and gratitude,


Author: NZain


50 thoughts on “Useful Idiots: Useless Politicians”

    1. We are sadly coming more and more divided…and the younger generations just don’t know history. Sigh…it’s ok—we are told this would all happen—but not to fear. That’s the key—don’t give in to the fear—or hate! Regardless of how crazy it appears. God is STILL in control.
      Thank you, dear Renee for your kind words of support. Yes, I pray for peace and I pray for God’s work to be done—with a smile.😊

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      1. I know…some of the things…but this is how indoctrination works—and you got to get ‘em when they are too young to think clearly for themselves. And I’m not saying that as a bad thing—it’s just that it does take time for our brains to develop fully. And this is what is so sad—a generation with no God, no hope and no sense of self-worth—is easy prey. False promises of Utopia…
        But we are told—“don’t fear for I know…”. I love that. I remain ever hopeful. 😊


    1. Sometimes, the only thing that helps the hurt is gratitude and love…and remembering just how very tiny I am…in this great big world. Thank you, dear Rachel. Your words do comfort me. 💘

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    1. Not so much who—but what. An ideology. On the one hand the ideology of the Left—on the other hand—the Right. Either side can go to extremes—as we have witnessed throughout history. It’s a slippery slope when propelled by fear and people get caught up in the ideas…and stop thinking for themselves—accept whatever they are told…
      Stay true to God and to reason. We’ll get through this. I have no doubt.


      1. A bigoted group of people?
        Honestly, they ruin the idea and show the ideology as one it’s not, usually, which causes people to shy away from it or even not look deeply into it before rejecting it. Especially if they, the extremists, misinterpret it, but act as if they’re right. I absolutely hate that. Stay strong ❤

        I hope I translated it what I mean correctly!


      2. Nour—you give me hope!💓
        Bigot—from the French meaning hypocrite. Intolerant of the views of others…
        It’s easy to say “you/he/she is a bigot!” Without seeing one’s own bigotry, eh?
        Easy to point fingers and blame the other side for all the problems.

        Yes, the extremists muck it up for everyone—everywhere. Sadly.
        But, we can create communities of middle ground—if we come together in respect and dignity. Start listening instead of yelling.
        Stay strong indeed! Because one day…you will be in charge.


  1. Throughout history people on one side of an issue were “the left” and on the other, “the right.” It doesn’t matter what they are called, it seems the names are interchangeable according to their particular place in history. We cannot judge a people or a movement by the name applied to them. We can judge them, and harshly, by what they do. Thank you for a very thought-provoking post.

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    1. Thank you, Barbara for your wonderful comment and insights! Yes, I totally agree with you. The names have changed according to the times—always a new disguise. But, always the same goal.

      This is a blessed time to be alive!

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  2. Very good Nina! I agree with you totally on this! How true that the younger generation has been and still is indoctrinated to think a certain way, without question. Unfortunately they are taught to think wrongly and to accept what they are taught as truth, without checking to see if it is. No God, no hope, no self worth, a false promise of utopia. This generation will soon be leading our countries. But what direction? We have an election next month, it will be interesting.

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    1. Thank you, Steve. Yep. Taught “their” version of reality. It’s crazy—when either side goes to far and becomes radicalized. That’s the danger. Becoming unbalanced—losing one’s center.
      What direction indeed! I’m hopeful we see the return of reason, civility, respect, and humor—everything I’m sad to say this young man lacked while yelling at the older man—who was exercising his own free rights to speech. It was surreal.
      All the best to your elections—any hope in sight?

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      1. Well, our political scene is so different than yours, and the way our government works. But right now it looks like a minority government which would go to the liberals which right now are very left, they would be helped by the NDP which are even farther left. That alliance would be bad for our country but that’s the way our prime minister wants to take us anyway. Our conservatives (similar to your republicans) will be close, but they have no one to help them. The conservatives right now are more center right. They have a good leader, I think he would be a good prime minister.


      2. Don’t fear. Vote.
        Hey that’s kinda catchy! Ha! The further left they go—the further right the opposition has to go. This is what should scare people.

        STOP poking the bear or the bear will bite back!

        But they want us to abandon our constitution. They see it as racist. I am so over this lie of a race war. Who started the “Race War” in the first place? Fools.

        Ungrateful fools…this is a dangerous place to go.

        Ah well, Comrade—what’s the saying? “…and those who know history are doomed to sit back and watch it repeat itself…” stay strong and smiling—they hate that. And remember—God is still in control. This I truly believe wholeheartedly.

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      3. Hey, you should make up slogans for voting! Your constitution is racist? All we hear about now is racism, everything seems to be racist.
        You are so right Nina, God is still in control! That is a comforting thought for sure. I see your government is going to enter a new period of turmoil. I admit I don’t follow US politics too much so not really sure what this all means or what impact it could have on your country.
        Have a nice quiet evening Nina!😃😺🌙🍁🍂


      4. A new period of turmoil? ha! Bring it on. I’m having a ton of fun watching our show. We have for the first time in a long time a President who isn’t afraid of the left. As much as they ridicule and attack him—now trying to impeach him—he just looks them in the eye and smiles….

        He has kept our country from going the way of socialism—for now.

        Cities such as San Francisco, L.A, Seattle, Portland—strong liberal leftist policies—are seeing now the truth of such politics…human depravity defecating on the streets, needles and lost souls. It’s unbelievably sad to see where they have lead the people. And the cost for cleaning the streets of poop and needles? Outrageous. And all the money does nothing to help the problem. It’s a mess! A local environmental ecological disaster.

        I’m hopeful the next four years will bring great things…

        Yes, a nice quiet evening indeed. I’m working on crocheting a cozy winter sweater. 🍁🍂🧶 you also have a nice evening. 😊😻

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      5. He’s not afraid of the left, that’s why they hate him so much! I always found it odd that the whole west coast is so left leaning, same here in Canada.
        Think I will have to log off early tonight, this pain is amazingly bad this evening.
        Time to start thinking of winter clothes for sure, we had some snow today, melted right away but snowed quite a bit for a few minutes before turning to rain. A reminder that winter is not far away.😬😀🙄❄


    2. Steve, I think I have more confidence in the younger generation coming up than you apparently do. I find in talking with them that they are often even better informed than I am, and they do not parrot the phrases of others. For the most part they seem to be critical thinkers. I think when I lived this earth (in not too many years from now), it will be in better hands than ours, especially now.

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      1. Yep. It starts within our own being—our own center. Know who you are—and then nobody can sway you or knock you off center. No one can intimidate you.
        I might add that the older man in this scene held his ground against the young man’s attack—and never backed down. And he did it with a calm smile.


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