Poetess:Magic Waters💦

September 14, 2019

This piece is inspired by a comment from Lance Sheridan.


Thank you, Lance for your kind encouraging words. I have learned much from you.

She dips her pen in magic waters


Sensibilities stunned seeing


What she expected–


Her own self-reflection;


The entire universe

And galaxies within galaxies reflected…

She knows the words she is about to transcribe are not her own.


She knows these words will become the death of her.

She smiles–

Dips her pen


Begins to write.

With love and gratitude,


©️2019 growingupsideways.blog

Author: NZain


32 thoughts on “Poetess:Magic Waters💦”

  1. Beautiful Nina!! It is as though you find something magical when you write your words and this poem is gorgeous. Will these words become the death of you?? I’m left wondering about this…. dangerous and fatal words, but she smiles and writes them. I am intrigued…. 💓💓💓

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    1. Thank you, Watt. I sincerely appreciate your support. 🙏🏻
      So I had to let your words sink in—and I think I understand what you mean…from one soul to another, and from mine to yours—I’m grateful to have become aquatinted with you and I won’t soon forget you when I am gone, ok?

      So don’t you forget me! Teehee.🙃

      The ‘cargo’ these words hold—the ‘ideas’ the words represent—is this what you mean?

      And the ideas—they are ‘heaviness’? Heavy—as in ‘weighty’? ‘Depressing?’ Or heavenly? 😊 the idea of these words traveling ‘ships sailing’ across souls is quite lovely. Thank you for adding to this. And yes, I agree—it is really amazing…


      1. Me too. 😊. I had to take a break from everything—shut down for a bit. Focus on crocheting.
        Renee, your recent posts are truly inspiring—and empowering. Beautiful.
        I’m glad we are both back. 🌻🦋

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      2. Ha! I keep the first sweater I ever attempted—NOT because I wear it—but just for laughs. And to remind me just how far I have come over the years. Practice practice practice…

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