22 thoughts on “Practice.🎹”

      1. That’s me and my husband—but in no way gurus! Goodness no—just two people trying to keep their bodies and minds healthy. 😇😇. We used to lift weights at the gym—which was super fun and how we met—but…twenty some years ago when I had an interest in learning everything I could—we came to this practice and the rest is history. I am who I am today…

        There is a real misconception that yoga is a religion. After four years living in India—I learned that’s just not the case—as I was schooled by a young Christian boy in our Indian neighborhood. And yet, after twenty years of dedicated daily practice…well…I am who I am today. Grateful.

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      2. The more I learn about you, the more I admire you and understand where the depth of the words and the images you share has come from.

        And, how do I say this in the least creepy way possible, but damn, you guys are in incredible shape!! Yoga is so good for the body and mind, I’m not surprised yours are both so beautiful.

        You’re my hero 🧘‍♀️ ❤️🧘‍♂️

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      3. Rachel, I am touched and honored by your kindness. And smiling too. Thank you for understanding. You are so much a part of this—when I wanted to stop writing…always your brightness and cheer kept me going. I have learned so much from you and our interactions.

        And so you know—while I’m practicing on the keyboard—I keep you very much in mind. Without trying to sound creepy…😇

        Yoga is good for the body and mind! The therapeutic benefits go on and on…on so many levels.

        And now, time to roll out the mat and practice.

        From one hero to another, my dear-sweet-talented-beautiful-friend. I look forward to your next poem. I can imagine how beautiful a hospital would be with rose petals strewn all down the hallway…

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      4. I took that poem down, I was worried it was too personal or that it might be triggering for people. I meant to keep if general and no specific and then my filter got turned off somewhere in the comments…

        I love the thought of you off to do your yoga. Gorgeous. I’m so glad to have you too, I often think of sitting there under the wisteria with you, and the feeling of understanding and connection that that place would have. Even without words. 💓💓💓


      5. It reminded me of an old Twilight Zone where Death is played by a young Robert Redford—and the old woman he comes for happily (not realizing who he is) lets him in her house. One of my favorite episodes.

        Yeah, sometimes no words are needed. Just to sit quietly and listen…watch the clouds roll on by…giggle…eat cake🌻⛅️🍰


  1. Wow, that’s amazing Nina! I would break myself in two trying to do something like that!😂 That’s wonderful that the 2 of you can do that though, keep it up.😀🎹 And you’re using your new keyboard, fantastic! Looking forward to more.😄😸


    1. Haha! Now I have a very funny (sweet funny) image of you trying…lots of laughter. 🙃
      Oh the keyboard is good fun experimenting with the different sounds it produces.

      Fantastic clouds today! What a show. Have a great evening, Steve and Muffin. As always, I appreciate you visiting. Brightens the day 😊 see you tomorrow!

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      1. Yes, I had quite the image in mind of me trying that too!😂😂
        Nice that you are having fun with the keyboard!😀
        Still some clouds here this morning but it trying to break up, the sun is shining right now.🌞
        I hope the sun stays out, we have had enough rain for awhile. My walking path is somewhat dangerous right now. 50 foot stretch is underwater,😕🙄 no way around it, just have to walk through. Sigh. The hill down to the river is very slippery since all the rocks are wet.😬
        Hope you have a wonderful day!😄😸🌞


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