17 thoughts on “Color my world in wonder. 🌎”

    1. Good morning, Steve thank you for visiting! Sometimes I do use my phone. This was recorded on my laptop with three separate tracks—Pinnacle Pro. The bee was a bonus! Glad you enjoyed it. A bit of lightheartedness on a Monday morning. 💓

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      1. Oh my, this is beginning to sound complicated.🤔 And my technical skills are as good as a rotten log.😂😹 Actually perfect for a rainy Monday morning. But the rain stopped and I managed to get my walk today. But while walking I had 2 heart thumping experiences!😲🙄 Hope your day is going great!😃😺🌞 Keep up with those videos!! They are a real blessing!😁😸😻


      2. Ok, I’ll be over in a minute to see what happened…

        You say ‘blessing’ and I get teary-eyed. Talk about complicated! 🙈

        Well then, I guess it’s time for me to “get serious”—clean out my junk flies and make room for new material…no time for crying! There is work to be done!
        And where is my dust cloth? 🤔🤧🎶🙃

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  1. Wow, are they all sounds from your garden?? The words, the sounds, the images… I feel immersed, I feel like I’m there.

    So timely with what is happening in the Amazon at the moment. We need to care for our world and treat it with the gratitude it deserves.


    1. Oh wonderful! That is exactly what I hoped for. Tea and Turkish delights will be served under the wisteria.😊
      Yes, we certainly do need to care for our world…I’m starting in my backyard.


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