Baba’s Song Revisited 🌚

August 25, 2019

This image of a young woman with her aged, dying grandmother to whom she asks, “…sing the song again…”

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and trust that ALL is as it should be…even if it looks scary.

With love and gratitude,

Nina Zain


Author: NZain


22 thoughts on “Baba’s Song Revisited 🌚”

      1. Well, you can always keep adding to it. I certainly enjoyed it though. I would like to try something but I guess I’m not adventurous enough!🤔😂 Maybe this winter I can work at it.🤪🙄 Do you have a special photo program you use for making these videos?🤔😀


      2. Oh that would be wonderful, Steve! You have fantastic photos! And I can even hear you reading your poetry and stories too…

        Winter is a good for experimenting—but I warn you—it is so much fun…you may just get hooked! Now I’m always listening for sounds and noises to record. Like old time radio shows.

        I use Pinnacle Pro. Once you get the hang of it—it’s pretty intuitive with text and transitions. Add photos and audio—and have fun! It’s that simple.

        I’m happy this makes you want to venture out into video! You narrating your walks would be super fun! And with all your bird friends…Yes yes yes! 👍💛👍

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      3. That’s not fair, now you’re getting me excited!😄 I may not be able to wait for winter.😀 But that one part scares me, actually reading on the video, everyone will be able to hear me!😲🙄


      4. Tell me about it! It’s terrifying the first time you hear your own voice. It’s ok. First video I made “quiet pond” was quiet. Slowly going…if you start slowly now—by the time winter rolls around…👍

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      5. Probably true, but I have an odd voice,🤪 not a nice deep kind of voice.🤔 Though one person called it a calming voice.🙄 Not quite how I would describe it however!😂😂


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