26 thoughts on “Sometimes, feeling little is wonderful…🧚‍♀️”

  1. The feeling of being just a small part of this universe, insignificant in relative terms…. the perspective and the wonder you get from looking at something so beautiful that is so much bigger than ourselves… such a gorgeous sentiment Nina ❤️


  2. Some times being small offers the very most majestic view (or the view of majesty).

    Now that I think of it (if I can master my pride and hubris…’cause I got an extra-serving…and I’m actually not bragging in saying that)…if I could remember moment to moment that it is being small that allows me to see the majestic…that all things are majestic or have a majesty to them then would I not then have the very very best view of all?

    If I am majestic and this is the view I see all thing thoughs, is then everything beneath me…and small? How odious…how spite filled to be in despite all the time.

    Some times I love the humor in irony, yet…this particular irony is very humbling…and so now I’m confused…because the article asks me, so simply, to reconsider a better perspective…a unifying perspective that benefits all. Your article is so harmonizing.

    Thank you M’Dear…thank you so much for this one!


    1. Ooh goodness now I’m confused too! Teehee! More coffee!
      “…all creatures great and small…” can anything be beneath me when I am beneath all things?

      I do love walking in the woods amongst giant old trees…

      Yes, even humility is ironic, no? The master washing the feet of the servants.
      Ian, you are wonderful. Thank you.


      1. For those we esteem and love, we call master.

        I can truthfully say, Nina…I have greatly esteemed you from the day I found your web-site.

        Now…what is the implication of great esteem from one to another?


        You are so greatly esteemed and well love M’Dear…so well loved…

        In great esteem.


  3. I love how you can say so much in so few words Nina!! Great picture. Down my forest path are some huge (at least for this area) white pine and red pine trees that reach so high! I like to sit under them and look up and have taken many such pictures just thinking about their size and majesty and how small I am in all of this amazing world. Thanks for this Nina! Wonderful thought!😃😺🌳🌲


      1. Yes, I have had that happen too,😲 a couple times, both after writing a long comment too.😕 Then I had to try and remember what I said,🤔 not easy for me!😂🙄


      2. Right? Uhggg. And I wanted to tell you how sweet it is to read your words and walk with you (and all our friends here) under the white/red pines and breathe in their fragrance…
        Yes, feeling small in this amazing world…grateful for you visiting and writing your kind words.
        And honeydew 🍈 melons are coming ripe in the garden! 😊💞😊


  4. Oh, I love this feeling! Yesterday, I was driving across Oklahoma and noticed how huge the clouds looked. I felt so small in an awestruck​ way! Like this feeling when I see these trees! Beautiful nature. ❤


    1. Yes! It’s a wonderful feeling! The vastness of the Oklahoma sky is something I won’t forget—awestruck indeed. Thank you, Michelle for always bringing your smiles here and sharing your thoughts. 💞

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      1. You do the same—have a wonderfully blessed beautifully creative week—and please continue to inspire us with your beautiful blog! 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

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